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8 VoIP features to help build a professional front

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 17, 2020 12:02:43 PM
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9 VoIP features to bring credibility to your small business

For small businesses building a professional front can be as easy as changing your telephone. A switch to VoIP gives your business over 50 phone calling and management features designed to better communicate with employees and more importantly customers. 

1. Professional receptionist 

Make sure partners and customers are directed from the first call with a professional receptionist. This greets the caller with a custom, automated message before you pick up. Ensuring that the customer knows who they are calling and what options to dial for their specific query.

A professional receptionist is a great way to introduce customers to your services.

2. Block unidentified callers

You're busy managing customers, employees and meetings. Fielding random solicitation calls from unknown callers is not what you need. These calls are disruptive and anti-productive.

Automatically screen calls using the VoIP phone system and block any unidentified caller IDs. Instantly freeing up the lines for your customers to get in contact and shorten long wait times.

Shorter wait times can improve the customer’s experience with your company and ensure that their queries are dealt with in a timely manner.

3. Call recording for training

Ensure that calls are being answered correctly by your teams with call recording. Call recording features allow you to download audio calls made through a VoIP telephone. Use this to monitor teams who make inbound or outbound calls and issue training sessions.

Call recordings can also be used to settle disputes and make sure that your business is delivering exceptional customer service.

4. Time of day routing

As a customer or service user, the most important information is when an establishment is closed or open. This can also be extended to opening hours and closing hours, using internet telephony you can professionally set how calls come in when working. 

This is extremely helpful for consumers who rely on your service and need to get in contact. Furthermore, using our VoIP systems a custom greeting message can be played to advise the caller of these hours further adding a professional front for your business.

5. Call flows

Communicate with customers on every channel and make it easy for them to contact different departments. VoIP services can automatically direct calls to specific numbers, extensions or entire teams within your company.

Creating custom extensions facilitates better customer journeys and allows them to solve their pain-points more accurately.

Customers who feel that their queries have been resolved are more likely to leave positive reviews online adding to your online credibility and reputation.

6. Call forwarding

If you were on a call using a traditional phone line and the customer wanted to get through to another department, you would tell them to dial an extension.

During a VoIP call, using the call forwarding feature you’d be able to seamlessly transfer them to their department of choice. Most importantly, making sure queries are resolved within one call.

7. Call queues

Deal with incoming calls more efficiently within call traffic peaks and re-route queued calls to available agents. Allowing your business to deal effectively with calls without losing important customers.

These custom settings can design the entire customer journey and make sure that teams are separated by the correct menu. Furthermore, these queues can be easily signposted for customers with greeting messages.

8. Call quality

Above all crystal call quality is needed for business communications. VoIP telephone network provides HD voice calls for external and inbound communications. This is possible as long as your desk phone or mobile is connected to the internet provides strong and stable calls for your customers.

Final thoughts

VoIP offers a wide range of features designed to help you build a professional front from all areas within your company and externally.

This is immensely important as 52% of customers don’t return after just one bad experience. The above features will help you add credibility to your business in not only that calls are answered but are answered correctly.

For more information on how VoIP can help your small business get in touch. We’ve been helping more small businesses switch than any other provider. Call 0203 697 4166 or read our guide!

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