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Free eBook: How to create business website that works, in 10 simple steps

Posted by Anthony Karibian on Feb 11, 2014 4:49:23 PM

From my years of experience in online marketing, I’ve seen the fantastic impact a good website can have on the success of small businesses. Even the most basic online presence can give small businesses a real boost and can help them attract more customers.

However, I still see a surprising amount of small business owners - whether they are just starting out or are more established - who underestimate the importance of a well managed web presence for their business. In fact, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, one in four small businesses still do not have their own website. Of those that do have a website, only a third use it for sales.

We recently conducted our own research into consumer activity and found that a web presence is top of the list of priorities for customers of small businesses. Today, being visible on the web is the sign of a legitimate business. In our survey, 60% of people said they wouldn’t trust a small business if they couldn’t find any information about it on the internet.

Almost half (47%) of customers said they expect every small business to have a website, with a further 36% saying it depends on their business type. Only 17% said they do not expect small businesses to have a website.

There are many reasons small business owners may avoid getting a website for their business. Not least is the perceived expense - which isn’t surprising considering many independent designers charge £500 for a basic Wordpress site, with more complex builds rising to around £3,000. However, easy DIY website builders are now available which can cost less than £10 per month.

Besides the cost, many small business owners are daunted by the prospect of creating a website that will reflect their business and attract customers. Online marketing is a vital part of any small business’ strategy, and it can be simple and rewarding if it’s broken down into easy steps. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to offer you a free eBook download, which talks you through creating an effective business websites in 10 easy steps.

From choosing a colour scheme to SEO link building, learn how to easily master the basic online marketing skills - or risk losing out to local competitors.

Download the eBook now for free.

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