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Reality Check on Broadband Speeds

Posted by Anthony Karibian on Nov 28, 2018 11:50:27 AM

A recent Watchdog investigation televised on the BBC this month found that many UK customers are not getting the broadband speeds that they are paying for. This is not the first time that the leaders of broadband and telecom services have been in the spotlight.

Ofcom has repeatedly investigated UK’s major broadbands providers: Virgin, TalkTalk, Sky and BT. The most recent investigation conducted in May 2018 found that not only are the broadband speeds not up to scratch but their customer satisfaction rates are also failing. TalkTalk and Virgin have less than a 50% approval rate with how customers complaints are being handled. At bOnline, we aim to handle all complaints within three working days.

In April 2018, I read a Which? survey that revealed the worst and best broadband providers in the UK. One of the key findings of the survey is that 64% of TalkTalk users complain of ‘very slow’ speeds and not enough time being spent on resolving the issues.

Moving on, Virgin was the worst provider in the survey with 70% of service users experiencing issues with the price and also a breakdown of routers. Sky and BT do not fair any better with also having 6 out of 10 customers unhappy with their service. In one case a BT service user who signed up for a fibre optic package was only left with 48Mbps maximum and on average customers aretrapped in expensive contracts’. Many customers are not getting the best value for their money and this is concerning. It is critical for the company to not over promise or oversell your service.

A BT spokeswoman said that they have a commitment to answer all customer calls by 2020. This is simply not good enough, consumers are paying rates to have a stable connection AND a customer service they can rely on. We pride ourselves with our excellent 9.0 Trustpilot rating and regularly receiving positive reviews.

I find this appalling. For consumers, this is undoubtedly frustrating and for a business owner even more of a headache. At bOnline, we understand that having a consistent and reliable telecom and broadband is vital for your business. I strive to make sure our service is working at its utmost capacity and at a fair and reasonable price. Leading brands have to do better to make sure consumers and businesses are not disrupted by their failures.

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