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Why small businesses should not get VoIP via shared offices

Posted by Anthony Karibian on Mar 26, 2019 2:10:58 PM

It’s no surprise that Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has cemented itself as the communication technology of the future. With BT preparing for the end of the landline in 2025 and Openreach rolling out their plans for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) later this month where broadband will be made available without line rental.

Communicating by phone will firmly be placed in the hands of the internet.

This is great news for all small businesses in the UK and nimble VoIP providers who are ready to step in and replace telecom service providers. Especially, providers who overcharge small businesses in order to maximise their margins for as long as possible.

The same goes for Service Offices which have been bundling telecom services and now VoIP into their offerings at very high prices.

Perils of getting VoIP through serviced offices.

There is a mountain of struggles faced with sharing telecommunications within a serviced office.

One notable struggle is getting VoIP services working. An example of this is Regus service offices which actually block VoIP traffic by default leaving companies stranded and not being able to use their handsets or software phone.

While blocking this facility some offices lease their OWN VoIP phones including headsets leading to unwarranted costs.

This provides massive setbacks such as being stuck in lengthy contracts and paying above standard market prices.

Regus service offices currently provide cloud phones marketed as ‘virtual offices’ for £84+ per month. A steep contrast in comparison to our prices starting at £9 per month per seat.  Their prices are high because Regus will share margins with the VoIP provider.

Then there is the question of who owns the phone number and what happens when you move.  

It’s far better to sort out your VoIP needs directly with a provider that is independent.

This doesn't mean that VoIP isn’t worth investing in

VoIP still is a necessary and important innovation all businesses should be considering as it boasts over 40+ features.

Compared to having broadband bundled with a landline, businesses could see their costs cut in half. By using the internet to make calls businesses can finally get rid of manual desk phones.

As a business owner, I know how important it is to keep in contact with your customers, employees and business contacts. By investing in VoIP you can ensure that your company infrastructure stays online.

This is because the biggest advantage of using VoIP is that it is not tied down to an office location.

Cloud phone systems such as VoIP are critical to ensuring you can still run your communication tools and your business.

The Solution

The debate between shared services and outsourcing has been ongoing for many years with both sides raising important points.

Although I believe that outsourcing is the best solution when it comes to IT infrastructure and telecommunications.

Outsourcing puts small business in control of their services, provides faster set up along with better quality broadband and hardware phones.

Going, even further, bundling your services can bring even bigger benefits as dealing with one provider offers massive savings.

Final Thoughts

Opting to get VoIP through your serviced offices is not the best move for small businesses.

Rising prices and uncertain contracts mean that when small businesses leave their serviced offices, it’s unlikely they’d be able to keep their phone number.

It’s far better to outsource your services to ensure that your business is kept trading with ease and confidence.

As always, I invite you to browse our services as we strive to provide five-star service with superb call quality through Gamma’s network.

To see how bOnline can help give you the best deal please click here or speak to our sales team on 020 3617 9950.

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