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Why does your business need superfast broadband ?

Posted by Anthony Karibian on Dec 8, 2015 12:28:15 PM

While a typical household might have very few occupants who need to use the internet at the same time, businesses could have tens. Superfast business broadband is designed for multiple users, to handle any extra demands. Superfast fibre and cable broadband offers significantly faster speeds than ADSL services. Consequently, you can do more with time and get more out of a working day. Choosing this option, you’ll experience less of the slowdowns in service that might jeopardise your staff productivity.

Boost your communication

Business Fibre will enable you to improve the way your business communicates with its stakeholders. You would dramatically decrease your phone bill using a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system or more sophisticated software and talk to colleagues, clients and partners on high-quality, real-time video calls.  With high-speed broadband, it's easier to maintain a website and trade online.

Cloud technology & software benefits

Fibre broadband supports web-based software that are crucial to the running of a modern business, such as payroll/finance, CRM and HR systems. Take advantage of hosted applications to reduce software and licencing costs. Combine all this with the secured access from anywhere benefits of cloud computing and you'll dramatically reduce the cost of computer hardware.


From £19.95 pcm (+£12.00 pcm line rental), choose bOnline’s business fibre package to enjoy unlimited super fast broadband with speed up to 80 mbps. Stay on BT Network and enjoy our top-notch services for the most affordable prices.

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