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Why now is the best time to build a new website.

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Oct 30, 2017 10:09:46 AM

If you’ve been considering a new website for your company, now is the ideal time to get the ball rolling. With Chrome’s update activating in October 2017 (Chrome 62), marking websites with data entry fields ‘not secure’, your old website could be at risk.

Data entry fields could be as simple as an email address or password, or sensitive as credit card details. ‘Not secure’ sites will drop in organic search engine results, and the pages might not display properly when loaded.

3 quick checks

  1. Is your website and e-commerce website?
  2. Do you take any payment through your website?
  3. Do you have data entry fields on your website, like an email address or password?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, it’s time to check if your website is secure.

This is relatively easy, as Chrome already shows ‘secure’ and ‘not secure’ websites that take a password and or card payment details, but not other types of data entry (which appeared in a recent update in October 2017).

If you go to your website now, the ‘HTTPs’ should appear as green, meaning your site is secure.


If the ‘HTTPs’ is not green, then you have 2 options.

Get an SSL certificate


Invest in a new website.

All bOnline websites are now issued with an SSL certificate, saving you the hassle of gaining a certificate after launching. We are committed to providing you with a professional website and can have it live in as quick as a week. There really has never been a better time to get a new professional website.

If you’d like help with this or to find out more about getting a new secure website, please get in touch.


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