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About our cloud-based phone system

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Nov 21, 2017 11:26:06 AM


Cloud phones are increasing in popularity amongst businesses as they realise the convenience, flexibility and cost savings of the system. The growing demand is accelerating the innovation and development of the technology used, making cloud phones a real contender against the traditional landline phones.

What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system - or VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol - is a phone system that uses your existing internet connection to make and receive calls.

How will it fit into my business?

One of the advantages of a cloud-based phone system is that no hardware is required, unlike with a traditional phone line. So you can be up and running, calling customers in no time. Simply order then plug & play to set-up.

How does it compare to a traditional phone line?

A cloud-based phone system will give you the same great service as the traditional phone line and more. Cloud phones are rich in features. Some of the features that will enable your small business to operate like a large MNC are:

  • Voice messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Auto attendant
  • Call forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing on multiple devices
  • Dial-by-name

It’s extremely flexible and accessible, both in terms of geography and in growing businesses. A cloud-based phone system allows you to use your mobile as an office phone, so while at home, or on-site you will be able to get access to all work contacts and make calls using the office phone number.

How much will it cost my business?

1, there are no installation fees, there is no hardware required! This immediately brings down the initial cost of the system when compared to the traditional phone line.

2, your premises probably already has (and is paying for) and internet connection. The cloud-based phone system uses your existing connection, there are no extra costs for using cloud phones.

3, call rates are significantly reduced compared to a traditional phone line, see our voice call rates here.

What makes our cloud-based phone line different?

Our cloud-based VoIP phones systems help your business run smoothly - whether you're in the office or on the go.


  • Integrate your office phone with your mobile, ensuring you never miss a call.
  • No installation required - Order then plug & play setup
  • Auto Attendant: provide a menu of options for callers to self-direct to the right department or team member.
  • Hunt Groups to distribute incoming calls to multiple users
  • Add numbers as your business grows

bOnline offer exceptional customer service and are rated the UK’s number 1 provider on Trustpilot.

Features and benefits of the bOnline cloud-based phone system:

✓ Reduced cost

No expensive setup, or maintenance costs. Have as many users as you need, and pay only for the data packets you’re sending.

✓ Call anyone, anytime

VoIP uses the internet to make calls. Create a better working relationship with overseas clients. Another feature is free internal calls. This can be especially helpful for satellite employees, or a company with multiple offices. VoIP is extremely flexible for international calls with minimal charges.

✓ Extra features

As already mentioned in this eBook, VoIP offers all the features of a traditional phone line and more. Quickly tailor features to your needs, and add them to calls as you need.

✓ Call diverting

Never miss a call again. Divert your calls to an employee’s mobile, or all your employee’s mobiles. Increase the efficiency and customer service of your business, take your calls with you.

✓ Don’t worry, stay in control

All you need is an internet connection. If your power goes down, calls can be taken on mobiles by logging into your account remotely and setting up a call diversion.


And more!

If you are interested in finding out more about our cloud-based phone service, call our sales team here 0800 652 6153.


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