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5 reasons to ditch your office for a VoIP phone system

Posted by Amina Addow on Jun 12, 2020 2:59:58 PM
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5 reasons to ditch your office for a VoIP phone system

For businesses, relying on landline telephony has limits in today’s environment. Landlines are shackled to a location which requires you to physically be there to answer or force you to endure costly call forwarding and diverting charges to enable remote working - not to mention the added expense of engineering visits every time something goes wrong. 

A switch to a VoIP phone system or 'cloud phone' gives you options for working remotely and begs the question - “do I need an office at all?” 

Here are five reasons to ditch your office space and upgrade to a VoIP phone system.

1. Remote working

VoIP makes it easy to have a flexible business number anywhere. With a universal number and phone app, businesses can easily make calls while keeping a personal and professional number separate. Abolishing the need for rented office space and allowing employees to work and take business calls on the go.

2. Easy to grow your business

When growing a business, whether adding staff or a new premise, your landline system poses a major financial and technical constraint.

Landline phones rely on traditional telephone infrastructure installed at the business premises. Moving your business will lead to expensive new lines having to be installed and potential technical errors and possibly losing your phone numbers. Further, having multiple locations will lead to higher phone bills due to increased communication between team members at different locations.

Whereas, a switch to VoIP means that all your business needs to do is add another ‘user’ extension for new employees and stay connected at all time via the Internet.

3. Enable mobility in a digital world

As the digital age matures, mobile workforces are becoming increasingly common. While the idea of employees travelling to a central office isn’t out-of-date just yet, the world is certainly moving in that direction. Companies want remote workers to be able to communicate with teams and customers while in the field.

VoIP unifies both mobile and landline, allowing you to project a consistent brand identity, no matter what device you use. So long as you’re hooked up to the internet, you can log into your company VoIP portal and start making calls.

4. Big savings

There are a lot of costs involved in maintaining a physical office totalling an average cost of £12,000 for UK small businesses. This includes property, IT and transport costs so doing away with a physical office can provide big savings. Leaving extra income to invest in other areas of your small business such as your product or sales funnel. 

Moreover, using a VoIP telephone is significantly cheaper than a traditional line and provides more flexibility. Due to IP networks having non-geographical limitations it’s easy to make calls outside of the UK and not get charged high rates. 

5. Keep your phone number

If you rent office space, once you move on there’s a chance that you won’t be able to take your business number with you. Forcing your business to buy a new number with line installation and possible downtime. 

VoIP allows you to keep your phone number since it’s stored in a cloud network making moving or porting your number to new devices easy. 

A VoIP solution for small businesses

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