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7 ways VoIP can help small businesses go global

Posted by Amina Addow on Sep 11, 2019 4:22:35 PM
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One of the most popular VoIP features is being able to host 'virtual offices'. Cloud phones have the power to take your small business global at minimal costs while still keeping a UK phone number.

We look at how VoIP can open up doors for your small business and take advantage of what cloud phones can offer.

1. VoIP Enables Unified Communications

With a one system fits all mentality, VoIP has the capability to unify communications.

As all staff members have access to the same system encourages clear and simple communication throughout your business. Opening virtual offices allow your employees to stay in touch and encourages collaborations through call conferencing. 

2. Expansion

Compared to traditional ISDNs, cloud phones aren’t disadvantaged from geographical restrictions meaning small businesses can also set up offices abroad. Offering opportunities to expand globally while keeping a Head UK office. This is due to VoIP numbers not being restricted to a physical location.

Keeping a consistent phone number no matter where your business is based can allow further expansion and allow you to explore business contacts around the globe. 

3. International Call Savings

When you make international calls for your business, you pay a high per minute rate for the call. Most VoIP systems also come with a subscription service which means savings and the ability to only spend on features they want or need and gives your business access to 50+ countries.

In fact, some businesses can save as much as 75 per cent when they make the switch from landline services to VoIP.

4. Business Travel

As VoIP merges with cloud technology, mobile offices are becoming a reality.

Business travellers can now receive client calls, access business data and receive voicemail email transcripts through any smartphone and tablet.  This can be achieved through an advanced VoIP calling system without having to worry about fees or consistent computer access.

Take your office phone number with you when you travel with easy transfers to mobile lines.  

5. Remote Workers

Using VoIP, small business owners can also expand their employability and hiring pool around the world. Here at bOnline, we've been successfully operating our business between our two offices in South Africa and London.

Remote working is said to be the future of business can help small businesses expand and tap into further opportunities and insights while growing. Having other employees situated around the world can also heighten brand awareness and profile.

Presenting the ability to work from home to employees can also have a positive impact on work-life balance.

6. Mobile Employees 

In business, it's essential that your customers can get queries resolved via simple phone calls. It may be difficult to have employees on-site however you can have the same workers on-call working from home. VoIP vendors offer mobile capability so employees stay connected regardless of where they are.

7. Portability

Additionally, due to flexibility, additional ports are able to be added when required. This is due to SIP working via an internet connection which is not limited to a location or office space and by making the switch, will help lower costs significantly.

This means that adding international numbers is easy and without the need for costly traditional lines to be added.

Final Thoughts

VoIP is putting small business communication on the enterprise level with reliable connectivity and low monthly costs.

bOnline can help you trade with ease and confidence while also bundling broadband and VoIP for as low as £9 per month. Benefit from all the areas above, and discover many more as you begin to implement cloud phones to your business.

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