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How cloud services can help grow your small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 13, 2020 1:15:48 PM
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There comes a time where small business owners start to think about scaling their business. Most of this involves investment, advice and choosing the right business partner. However, cloud services also offer unique ways for small businesses to do this.

There is no doubt that cloud services are paving the way for how businesses will be run in the future but still over half of UK businesses still do not use cloud services.

We look at how small businesses should be using cloud services to help increase their efficiency, boost productivity and grow.

Cloud services lower costs 

Most cloud services, such as VoIP, comes with a subscription service which means small businesses can save and spend only on features they want or need.

There’s also not a lot of expenditure required as most cloud technology doesn’t need expensive hardware or devices.

Meaning switching can free up cash flow to spend on growing other parts of your small business.

Increases Collaboration

Teamwork is key to any successful business.

By using cloud services such as VoIP and Google Drive you can enhance collaboration across teams.

Going further, as cloud services aren’t disadvantaged from geographical restrictions small businesses can also set up businesses abroad at no further cost. Offering opportunities to expand globally while still keeping a Head UK office.


With cloud technology, security and software updates are handled by the cloud provider and updated automatically.

When security breaches do happen, the provider will be best placed to deal with this and have it resolved quickly.

Giving your small business time to focus on the important scaling and operation.

Backup and recovery

IT downtime can be particularly damaging for businesses. Only in 2017, it was believed that poor internet services cost the UK £7 billion pounds a yearWhile losing data is cost-effective this can also have an impact on productivity bringing this to a halt and stopping operations.

Small businesses should move to cloud services as a backup solution so that both your business and customer data is safe and can keep your business running no matter the circumstances.


Having your small business rely upon on-premise applications can make the process of scaling up slow and expensive.

Cloud services can expand on their storage on demand whether small business need an increase or decrease of space.

Leaving small businesses to be spontaneous and while growing and using the cloud to transform their services.

Final Thoughts

Switching your business over to the cloud will open many doors for your business.

Benefit from all the areas above, and discover many more as you begin to use the many versions. Introduce more flexibility and cost-saving options for your business today by trying the cloud.

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