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How online reviews can benefit your small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Dec 6, 2018 3:34:32 PM
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The internet is increasingly becoming the source of where consumers get their information, and for businesses, it’s no different. Online reviews can play a vital role in the development of your business brand.

The role of the review

To understand the benefits of reviews we first must look at the role reviews have in business. Review sites like Yelp, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, and even Facebook can have a massive impact on your business. In fact, 93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad.

In the age of the internet, reviews are immensely important in consumers forming an opinion on your business.

Building a good reputation

When Google began showing third-party reviews in September 2016 both business and consumers took notice. Encouraging consumers to leave reviews on your site builds a credible insight into your business. The five-star system is in plain sight, this immediately shows customers exactly what they need to know about your service.

By having reviews you build an unconscious basis in the customer’s mind. It is important to use reviews to build a good reputation with your business and also your clients.

Customer feedback can help improve your business

Reviews can be brutal, but you don't have to treat this as a negative. Customers have the unique experience of being honest and can identify the possible flaws in your business. By using customer feedback you can improve your customer service and the products that you offer.

Moreover, by adapting your business model based on customer reviews will show your consumer base that you value their opinion and are committed to bettering their experience.

Positive reviews build trust with potential customers

Moving on from the last point, positive reviews can build relationships. Consumers value reviews they read online and find them more trustworthy.

In a study conducted by Brightlocal, 6,283 consumers found that 83% of consumers felt a page with a user-generated review as more trustworthy than one without. By having consistent and diverse reviews consumers will form a level of trust with your business.

Overall, we hope this post has stressed the importance and benefits of reviews for your business. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on various sites to build an internet persona for your business and also drum up some potential new customers. The more review sites you list your business on the better.

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