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How small businesses can use customer testimonials for lead generation

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 14, 2020 3:12:52 PM
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Small businesses have a unique chance to differentiate themselves from a competitive market by offering excellent customer service. Showing customers you care can increase brand awareness and reputation for your business. In fact, successful customer testimonials can even generate leads and sales for your small business.

We outline how your small business can use happy customers to drive potential prospects and sales.

Acquire testimonials from your best-fit customers

To make sure your testimonials have the best results target your 'best-fit' customers. Consider acquiring testimonials from customers who have shown consistent positive feedback for your business.

Going further, have customers who fit the same demographic as your highest-paid customer. Leading to potential prospects who are facing similar problems more likely to choose your business rather than a competitor.

Use Social Media

80% of users follow a business or a brand are looking for inspiration so social media can be a great platform to showcase your customer testimonials. As you build a following, share lots of different examples of happy customers to control and build a narrative of what your business has to offer.

Case Studies

Case studies are a simple way to showcase customer testimonials and success stories. Showcase your customer story cohesively starting with the problem they faced, why did they buy from you? What results were obtained after using your service?

These studies can also be easily shared on your business blog and e-books showcasing how great your business is at solving a problem and those words coming from a customer stand a good chance of getting them to engage further on having their problem solved.

Use visuals

Don't forget about visual content such as image or video content. Having customers advocate for your brand on camera feels more real and trustworthy.

Utilising this type of content will offer a unique form of storytelling in an inviting way. Furthermore, video and imagery are easy to share across social media channels especially on LinkedIn and Facebook to create brand awareness.

Include stats to make testimonials trustworthy

A key way to make sure testimonials have an impact on your lead generation is to make them trustworthy. Make real connections with your customers and have stats to back up the testimonial. For example, if your business provides connectivity solutions make sure you include before and after stats on how your product has helped/improved the customer’s service. Including tangible facts is the best way to display that your business has a solution that works.

Feature your testimonials as much as possible

You've put a lot of work into your testimonials so make sure consumers can access them. Showcase your reviews and case studies on as many platforms as possible. For example, on your business website, as part of your email signature or in marketing campaigns. The more consumers who see consistent positive feedback the better.

Final Thoughts

Customer testimonials have a lot of substance when it comes to brand awareness and authority. Make sure your business is utilising these best in your marketing campaigns to drive leads and engagement. Start by reaching out to potential prospects and offer an incentive if possible to make sure you get as much data to support your business needs.

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