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How to choose which VoIP features your small business needs

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 24, 2020 11:25:50 AM
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How to choose which VoIP features your small business needs

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems has become a popular choice of communication system for businesses. Due to the scaling, portability and cost-efficiency allows business to communicate with ease, compete and grow in their market.

Using cloud phones, your business can gain a competitive advantage no matter the needs with a wide range of features. These are offered and often included by many VoIP phone providers.

To boost operational efficiency

If you are a small business who is looking to get VoIP phones to boost operations such as customer service and sales generation these features can help.

Auto-Attendant: This feature allows customers who call into your business to be routed to the right destination from the first ring. An Auto-Attendant can be quickly set up with custom messages to direct customers to your service teams, sales or complaints team. 

Call Queues: Call queues are used to route inbound queued calls to agents based on custom settings. This can allow your business to deal efficiently with call traffic peaks boosting the number of calls and queries answered.

Time of day routing: For customers it’s important to know when your business is open. Time of day routing easily signposts your business-hours, after-hours and lunch breaks so customers and business partners are well informed.

To train staff and improve performance 

Unlike traditional telephony, VoIP phone systems come with monitoring tools that can help smooth operations and improve performance. As VoIP comes with separate users your business can keep track of how employees are answering the phone and collect customer feedback.

This is particularly important in improving NPS (Net Promoter Score) and your business brand reputation.

Call recording: Ensure call quality is dealt with in every part of your business with call recording. These can be unique to specific users and review how your team is answering calls for monitoring and training purposes.

Reports: Stats are important when running a business, easily download reports to see the number of calls taken in a day, week or month. This data can help in seeing when peak times are and how efficient your team is in answering calls. Making it easier to come up with effective strategies.

Visible teams: This feature allows you to monitor your teams and see the status of each user, whether they’re away, taking a call or have just finished up a call. Visible teams are ideal for sales teams and which employees are free to take calls, lowering long wait times.

To help employees achieve work-life balance

Work-life balance is the most in-demand benefit for modern employees to help boost morale and better mental health. As VoIP is not bound by geographical locations your business can be anywhere.

Remote working: Bring your phone business anywhere with VoIP, with remote software phones and online dashboards. Making it easy for you and your teams to work remotely.

Call Conferencing: VoIP enables businesses to call remote teams for free using the call conferencing features. Entire teams can 'meet' virtually to form strategies, discuss analytics and more. 

Mobile app: Using VoIP, your landline business phone can exist on your mobile phone. Installing a mobile app is easy and allows easy switching between a personal and professional phone number.

To establish your business

Already have an existing business number? VoIP can easily port your number keeping consistency and no disruption to your daily operations. There are other features that can help further establish your business.

Local number: Get a local number that is unique to your business and encourage customers to call in. Potential prospects are more likely to call numbers they recognize such as 02 or 01 numbers. 

Free UK landline and mobile calls: Calls to other cloud phones are free to make so you can stay in contact with your employees. Furthermore, bOnline offers free UK landline and mobile calls making it easier to connect with customers and business partners.

To expand and scale your business

As your business scales, so does your VoIP system. Soft-phones are easily adaptable based on your current needs which a traditional landline can't accommodate for.

Add/remove users: Looking to hire more employees? Easily add users on the VoIP dashboard at no disruption to operations. If someone is no longer with your company you can also remove members using the admin portal.

Call forwarding: If your business is looking to hire outbound employees for call handling the call forwarding can easily transfer calls. With separate features such as transfer when busy, straight to voicemail your business can create a custom solution.

International calling: VoIP phone systems offer international calling at a much lower rate than landline phones. Take your business global and expand to other offices while still keeping a fully functional UK number.

Final thoughts

Whatever your business wants to achieve, a VoIP phone system has 50+ custom features to help meet these goals. For more information on how VoIP communications can have a place in your small business contact us our experts on 0203 697 4166.

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