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How to save with a VoIP phone system

Posted by Amina Addow on Jun 17, 2020 4:39:55 PM
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How to save with VoIP rather than a traditional phone line

We’ve talked at length on this blog on the benefits of VoIP and how it is shaping and enhancing communications in the business world. One of the biggest advantages of having a cloud phone system is the huge savings it can bring to your small business.

Statistically, switching to VoIP systems can save you a third compared to using traditional landlines and on average businesses save up to 75%.

Reduce communications costs by using a single provider

By using VoIP, your small business has access to a single-use provider, that allows you to send email transcripts, make business calls, and host meetings just by using a VoIP system.

This means that business monthly costs are dramatically reduced and simplified. All your telecom services can be handled simply through one transaction.

Decrease hardware and installation costs

As cloud phones can be easily installed and utilised via an app, there is no need for expensive hardware or hiring an IT consultant. Most business VoIP system comes with a hosted platform meaning your provider can easily take care of features such as call transfer and call forwarding.

If your system runs into any difficulty or security threats this can be resolved effectively without needing to pay more.

Increase business efficiency

VoIP has world-class communication capabilities which can increase business efficiency. With transmissions runny smoothly can then free up time for 

When an error occurs, the provider will be best placed to deal with this and have it resolved quickly minimising downtime. Having a hosted telephony system and outsourcing your telecoms also means that your system can be easily updated and improved upon.

Automated customer service

A customer calls in for assistance not to be passed through numerous departments. Using Caller Menus, customers can be easily signposted without long wait times and disorderly queues. When receiving a call these can also go through the proper channels with Call Queues.

Improving the chances of customers getting their queries resolved and building better customer satisfaction rates. Providing better customer service can deter loss of customers saving your business money in the long run.

Increase ROI with efficient payment models

VoIP is not only a phone system but can also facilitate payments with the easy features of turning off call recordings when taking payments. Traditional telephony would mean having to place the client on hold or diverting them to a secure phone line. 

With VoIP, you can stay on the line with the customer and be able to close deals and give peace of mind knowing that their order has been finalised. Making the customer buying journey a lot smoother and simpler can heighten rapport and help deliver excellent customer service.

Final thoughts

Compared to landlines making phone calls on a VoIP system is significantly cheaper. Due to WiFi hotspots being made readily available some calls can be made completely free. VoIP systems can be set up without the expense of an IT technician or installing a new line. In the long run VoIP provides a wealth of features and benefits much more durable and useful compared to traditional telephony.

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