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Make small business communications better with VoIP

Posted by Amina Addow on Dec 5, 2019 3:57:25 PM
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With the extinction of the landline fast approaching, small businesses need to find an alternative. One contender that's continuously disrupting the telecom space is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows calls to be made without a landline via the internet. Already utilised by businesses across the world has proven to change internal and external communications for the better.

We outline what areas your small business would be able to see a difference and why a switch to VoIP is beneficial.

What is VoIP?

Using the internet, VoIP allows the transmission of data and voice traffic to make phone calls. Instead of plugging your handset into a standard analogue phone exchange, your phone connects to your broadband or 4G connection. 

There are primarily two types of VoIP cloud phones - hardware or software-based. The interface is similar to that of a phone with touch pad and the display allows users to make calls directly from their desktop, from a standard business phone and smartphones.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP works by simply installing an app or hardware cloud phone to your office and all you need is an internet connection. 

When making a call, your voice is converted into digital data and sent over your WiFi or 4G connection, just like any other internet data. With high-speed Fibre broadband now readily available across most of the country, VoIP is fast becoming the most progressive form of business communications.

VoIP can lower business communication costs

One way VoIP is making small business communications better is by lowering costs. On average, businesses spend up to 40% less on their phone bills. With fixed minutes there is also the factor that costs become predictable with no hidden charges. 

Furthermore, as cloud phones are not bound by geographical lines international calls can be made at a fraction of the costs. Allowing greater accessibility and flexibility when operating your small business. Using the internet to make phone calls also allows free calls to be made with wi-fi hot spots open for public use. Compared to traditional phones, VoIP phones are an inexpensive alternative.

VoIP makes business communications easy

Many business VoIP providers offer a ‘Hosted System’ meaning that you don’t have to own or install any equipment into your office(s). Businesses can simply utilise an app and connect a VoIP telephone to an internet connection and all of the call routing, call forwarding, voicemail, transfer ability and many other features are handled by the provider.  

The added benefit of this method is that the systems are always being improved. Additionally, when security breaches do happen, the provider will be best placed to deal with this and have it resolved quickly minimising downtime.

VoIP makes business communications more efficient

Moreover, incorporating a cloud phone system into your small business can make operations more efficient. Internet telephony can increase productivity with features such as video conferencing and voicemail to email. 

VoIP services come with over 40+ features to customise and implement into your business to give a professional service. Reliable phone service can also assist with customer satisfaction and lower dropped call rates with features such as Auto-Attendant and Call Queue to facilitate unique customer journeys.

VoIP provides omnichannel communications

By using VoIP calls, small businesses have access to multiple channels such as instant messaging, IM and call conferencing. Some services can also transcribe voicemails and transfer into emails. VoIP business phone systems offer a lot more avenues to collaborate and work within teams. A cloud-based phone system can also be accessed easily via an app, boosting productivity and promotes remote working.


Don't wait until 2025 to benefit from cloud phones. With lower costs, greater access to flexible working and omnichannel VoIP can bring value to your small business. To find out how you can fit cloud phones into your business operations see our packages or call our experts on 0203 697 4166.

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