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5 benefits of introducing mindfulness in the workplace

Posted by Amina Addow on May 8, 2019 12:26:30 PM
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Stress in the workplace can’t be avoided but it can be managed by mindfulness. Mindfulness allows employees to relax by disconnect from work-related stress. We look at more benefits this can bring to the workplace.

1. Improves Well-Being

The number of people who experience depression, anxiety and stress at work has risen to a third over the past five years.

Promoting mindfulness in the office can increase well-being amongst employees and combat these negative feelings.

As stated by Mental Health Org the act of breathing and meditation allows better management and less chance of being overwhelmed.

2. Mindfulness Reduces Stress

The main factor of mindfulness is to lower stress for employees and provide a chance for relaxation.

Introducing mindfulness to the workplace will give a chance for workers to channel their feelings and is a productive step to combat it.

In fact, mindfulness can reduce perceived stress by up to 40%.

3. Allows Employees To Disconnect

Moving on from the last point, practising mindfulness also allows employees to disconnect from work and take a full break.

This creates a physical and mental disconnection which can stop work becoming overwhelming.

Going further, this can also increase engagement leaving employees more motivated to come back to work.

4. Bonding Exercises

Hosting consistent mindfulness sessions will also encourage bonding in a fun and relaxed environment.

Making interactions more personal will also allow employees to get to know one another and create a happier workplace.

Furthermore, this can also lead to better and greater teamwork.

5. Encourages Work-Life Balance

Finally, putting more focus on mindfulness can also encourage work-life balances for employees.

By, introducing sessions of flexible mindful meditation will create a greater balance and less chance of hectic schedules.

Final Thoughts

Employee well-being doesn't stop in the workplace and it's important to identify and create measures for support.

Supporting mindfulness in the workplace will see an increase in happy, healthier and more motivated employees.

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