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Why small businesses should consider switching to VoIP

Posted by Amina Addow on Jul 24, 2019 3:50:17 PM
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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is already used in everyday life via FaceTime, Whatsapp and Skype. This is slowly moving onto professional use as more businesses are opting to move away from traditional phone lines.  In fact, by 2016 more than 45% of UK businesses VoIP or other IP Voice services at work.

As a business owner, it is immensely important to keep in contact with your customers, employees and those all-important business contacts. By investing in VoIP you can ensure that your company infrastructure stays online.

There are many benefits that come with switching to cloud phones, here’s a couple of reasons why you should.


By using VoIP calls, small businesses have access to multiple channels such as instant messaging, call conferencing. Some services can also transcribe voicemails and transfer into emails.

Your employees will be able to fully use these features to discuss business matters and encourage collaboration and unified communication. Communication is key for any business and this ensures that it’s easy to make contact.

These systems are ideal for consultants who aren’t tied to one location but still need a UK number to call and receive calls.

Work from anywhere with VoIP

As long as there is WiFi available, you and your staff are able to work from anywhere in the world. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using VoIP is that it is not tied down to a business premise or office location.

Here at bOnline, we have two offices over two separate continents and connect solely through VoIP ensuring that customers and employees can contact us.

VoIP allows for easy working environments and seamless communications throughout teams meaning that location isn’t an issue as opposed to traditional phones and ISDNs.

Lowered Costs

There are considerable savings to be made switching from traditional phone lines. 

For example, VoIP phones eliminate the need for expensive hardware and are inexpensive as there are now packages from £9 per month.

Moreover, compared to having broadband bundled with a landline, businesses could see their costs cut in half. By using the internet to make calls businesses can also finally get rid of manual desk phones

Increased efficiency

VoIP telephones also allow transfers to colleagues without the customer having to call a separate number. In fact, there is a feature which would automatically transfer waiting calls to the next available agent making sure every call is answered.

Furthermore, personalised voicemails ensure every message reaches your business even out of hours. Making sure customer messages are considered and relayed can also increase rapport and customer service levels.

Cloud phones increase the number of customers small businesses are able to reach. 

Expansion and Location

Moreover, small businesses who still use ISDNs find it hard to re-route their numbers quickly and cheaply when they relocate. Whereas, cloud phones allow you to keep your business phone number no matter where you are located. Due to being internet-based, numbers are not connected to a physical location but over IP networks making it easier to keep the same number even when moving office space.

Cloud phones aren’t disadvantaged from geographical restrictions meaning small businesses can also set up offices abroad at no further cost. Offering opportunities to expand globally while still keeping a Head UK office.

Cloud phones also allow low-cost international calls to allow further expansion and explore business contacts around the globe.

Backup and Security

With cloud technology, security and software updates are handled by the cloud provider and updated automatically.

When security breaches do happen, the provider will be best placed to deal with this and have it resolved quickly.

Giving your small business time to focus on the important scaling and operation.

Future-proof your small business

The death of the landline is fast approaching with ISDNs due to be halted in 2023.

Small businesses need to prepare and make the switch to VoIP rather than wait and stick with traditional landlines.  

Switching now will also allow your business to reap the best possible deals and minimise the disruption of your operation when landlines go defunct. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, small businesses should be more open to the idea of VoIP as an alternative to landlines. 

Switching to VoIP makes sense.

The times are evidently changing and broadband developments will continue paving ways for the future. In terms of saving costs, flexibility and collaboration VoIP offers much better advantages compared to traditional phone lines.

bOnline can help in keeping you trading online with confidence please speak to our sales team on 020 3617 9950.

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