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Top 10 VoIP features to enhance your small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Aug 12, 2019 3:17:34 PM
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When building your company, it's always best to keep in mind what tools you can utilise to enhance your small business. In this case, cloud systems can amplify productivity, lower costs and make sure you're able to reach all-important business contacts.

In particular, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) features can help boost customer service levels and collaboration with simple onboarding. There are a wealth of benefits that VoIP telephone can offer to help you with your business journey.

Here are the top 10 features that will enhance your small business.

1. Auto Attendant

First impressions are important to any customer and that’s where Auto Attendant comes in. Auto Attendant is a tool which provides navigation for your phone line and easily welcomes the customer. This will aid your caller in their customer buying journey and make sure that queries are answered accurately by putting them through to the correct department.

The backbone of any small business is great customer service and guiding your customer from the start will leave a great first impression. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) acts as a virtual assistant making sure your phone system is ready for any customer who makes contact.

It is critical that customers are receiving the right care at the right time to improve customer retention and the whole customer experience.

2. Call Queue

Next, Call Queue also offers a simple greeting message to your customers. An example of this would be ‘Thank you for calling bOnline’. Greeting the customer before speaking to a representative will showcase your small business as being professional.

Furthermore, with Call Queue inbound calls can ring simultaneously increasing the chance of answered calls. This is important as customers are the lifeline of your business and it’s important to make sure their queries and concerns are addressed in ample time. In fact,  89% of customers will actually switch to a competitor after a single bad experience.

Custom audio can also personalise your welcoming message for customers and to work on your business brand.

3. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is another feature which can enhance your business and communication skills. This tool allows you to direct your business phone line to your mobile making sure you can take phone calls wherever you go. Leading to building better customer relations and satisfaction rates.

The biggest benefit of VoIP is that you can take your phone number anywhere as it is not limited to a physical location. Due to most small businesses renting office space this guarantees that you’ll be able to keep your office number.

Making sure that your business is future-proof in case your small business moves offices or you’re temporarily out of office.

4. Voicemail to Email

VoIP has the ability to transcribe voicemails into emails - so there’s no need to write down phone numbers or rely on an unclear recording.  More importantly, this gives you time to adequately understand and respond to their message. Furthermore, you can store, organize, delete voicemails efficiently without sifting through hours of unreliable audio.

These emails can also be transferred from a business phone line to your personal mobile making it easier to keep track of them.

5. Call Screening

Often forgotten about but the feature Call Screening can also help and enhance your business.  A simple Caller ID can prepare you or your staff on how to treat and answer the call. For example, if the incoming call is a personal one you can easily transfer it to your mobile phone instead.

Furthermore, if it’s a recurring customer or a business contact you’d be prepared for any scenario and to deal with the call effectively.

6. Call Conferencing

Collaboration is key for any business and VoIP allows easy and simple conferencing inbound and outbound. The biggest advantage of cloud phones is the call quality and the feeling that your colleagues are right in the room with you. The facilitating of collaboration will allow meetings to run smoother and also reach co-workers who might be aboard or working from home without rescheduling.

IP telephony meaning that anyone with an internet connection can easily choose to join.

7. Mobile Apps

Mobility is attractive for any small business and cloud phones makes it a reality. With cloud phone apps you can bring your work phone line with you anywhere. VoIP only relies on a broadband connection to make calls allowing you to be less restricted to a physical location.

Some offices are able to forgo desk phones altogether with VoIP call routing and forwarding features.

8. International Calls

IP technology gives your small business the ability to operate and call internationally all while keeping the main UK number. This can enhance your business by opening your business up to the world. By being able to make international calls on your VoIP system can mean expanding your business and reaching more international contacts.

Don’t let geographical restrictions stop you from being able to expand your business and meet potential business partners. Going further, an IP phone can also offer free calls.

9. Low Costs

A budget is important for businesses and especially small businesses, compared to a traditional phone cloud phones are significantly cheaper. Nowadays, VoIP is available for as low as £9 per month. Most call packages include unlimited minutes allowing for undisrupted business and more efficiency.

Choosing to outsource your IT infrastructure can open up to extra funds and means that in the event your business moves office space you’ll be able to keep your phone number. Making sure customer service is not disrupted and queries can always be answered. Compared to many businesses who end up losing their phone line and have to pay to acquire a new line.

10. No hardware of installation

Moving on, as there are software versions of cloud phones means there’s no need for expensive hardware and outdated set-ups. With VoIP, all updates and installations are done by the provider leaving you to focus on your business.

There’s also no need to hire an IT consultant to go through the confusing jargon delaying the process. For most first-time VoIP users the most important factor is getting their systems up and running as soon as possible.

Make the switch to VoIP

Ditch your traditional landline and make the switch to VoIP services to have the best communication tools on hand.

The tools of business are changing and it's crucial to stay ahead of larger corporations and the competition. VoIP phone is the future of communication, particularly as ISDNs, are going to stop being issued in 2023. You need to future-proof your business now to minimise the effects of this change and also to offer the best to your customers.

To see how bOnline can help develop effective customer service acquire our VoIP solutions. Call our experts on 0203 617 9007.

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