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How a VoIP solution can benefit different industries

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 31, 2020 10:59:19 AM
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How a VoIP solution can benefit different industries

Cloud technology has become common in day to day business operations. From apps, backup and now telephony using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

This applies to a wide-range of different industries as they opt to move away from typical IT infrastructure. With the end of the landline this will become more of a necessity. Learn how your industry can use VoIP to future-proof your business.

VoIP for construction

VoIP for the construction industry can offer significant call costs allowing contractors to stay in contact. Keep up with contractors and add or remove users from your telephone system using an online interface. An online dashboard rather than a written account of bookings can streamline operations. 

A mobile app can also ensure that business calls can be answered anywhere on the site in case of emergencies allowing every call to be answered.

VoIP for healthcare services

For healthcare services, VoIP can offer vital communications for patients and internal doctors, nurses and consultants. The call forwarding feature can help patients access different departments to acquire the right care. Custom caller menus can also be used for quick solutions and better journeys (i.e: press 1 to book an appointment, etc).

Furthermore, custom call queues can also help with shorter wait times which can sometimes be critical. Calls can also be dealt with more efficiently with integrations such as office 365 pulling up and making notes on patient records.

VoIP for professional services

Commonly for businesses, the main point of contact is by telephone. Clients and customers call to resolve issues and access support for a product or a service. Customer care agents can make use of VoIP to streamline smoother operations and allow calls to be answered more efficiently.

There are various VoIP features to personalise the experience. For example, make sure every call gets answered by having calls route to free agents. For exceptionally busy times the voicemail to email function can allow agents to get return messages and ensure every query is answered.

For monitoring purposes, call recording and call data can help train agents and find out how clients are responding to your business. This data can give insight to an individual agent’s performance and outline top call handlers.

VoIP for hospitality

For the hospitality sector, VoIP can offer these clients a world-class and professional service. Custom music-on-hold can provide a welcoming experience especially for hotels and B&Bs. Guests can also be able to reach specific departments such as ‘room service’ or ‘front desk’ using extension dialing.

Furthermore, the biggest advantage of using VoIP is the ability to use a local area number. Most hospitality services are used by tourists and the local community. This can encourage potential guests to get in touch with a number they recognise and can call for free rather than a toll 0800 or 0300 extension.

VoIP for real estate

In real estate, agents have to provide and build rapport in order to close sales. A VoIP phone system can help by offering a virtual number for customers to get in touch. Having a recognisable UK number can help with credibility even for a small estate agency. 

Moreover, as agents will be most likely on the go showing houses and meeting clients, a business phone can be transferred to a mobile app. Allowing important calls and messages to still be relayed. The mobile app also facilitates chat messaging and images of houses can be easily sent without having to switch to email.

Final Thoughts

Business VoIP phones can benefit many industries not just the ones listed above. Switching from traditional telephony allows businesses to instantly access up to 50+ call management features and benefit from remote working and cut costs. 

To see how a VoIP telephone can better communications give our experts a call on 0203 697 4166.

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