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Why cloud computing is perfect for your small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 13, 2020 3:27:13 PM
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Cloud computing is already a part of many large businesses and plays a key part in their IT infrastructure. In 2020, the cloud can also offer a wide range of benefits for small businesses such as features, inexpensive pricing and remote flexibility.

We outline how this can be a perfect fit within your small business and also how it can help your business thrive.

What makes cloud computing suitable for small businesses?

There are several ways that small business can find cloud computing suitable. For example, it is affordable as many products such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) runs on minimal costs and often has no upfront fee.

Moreover, cloud technology is fully scalable and can be altered making it ideal for growing companies. Cloud packages can easily cater to new team members by adding and taking away members at will. The structure of cloud software is endless and can work around your business.

What can small businesses do with cloud computing? 

As a service, the cloud can offer unified communications and the same freedom as larger corporations such as data storage devices and connect offices.

While cloud software can offer small businesses a lot more in terms of internal and external communications. We provide a list where your small business will be able to see tangible improvements and why moving to the cloud is a perfect fit for your business.


Cloud computing can offer flexibility with calls, hangouts, videos and instant messaging.

There is an abundance of cloud computing software which can accommodate ‘remote offices’ and facilitate collaboration. Remote working also gives employees greater work-life balance which can strengthen resolve and morale.

While working on the cloud can provide easy access to business tools and platforms it is essential to make sure any out of office work is protected by anti-virus software and heightened information is secure.

Unified Communications

Using cloud computing, small business has access to multiple channels such as instant messaging, IM and call conferencing. Some services can also transcribe voicemails and transfer into emails.

These unified communication tools offer a lot more avenues to collaborate and work within teams. Cloud technology can also be easily accessed via an app boosting productivity and providing convenience.


As a small business owner, security is essential in protecting both customer and employee data. Switching your IT infrastructure to the cloud can heighten security with built-in measures to protect sensitive data. 

Data is stored in one place using a cloud system instead of multiple devices. Making it easier to control what data is shared within the business and can protect against cyber threats.

If data is accessed by unauthorised means this can be secured easily by changing the password used to access the cloud network from the specific device and user.


Working will colleagues online in real-time is easy with the cloud. Cloud computing provides teams with secure access to business data and files from any location and device. Making viewing and editing the same files within a team simple. This is particularly useful for small businesses who have various offices providing teams with secure access to business data and files from any location and device.

As files are synced and stored in the cloud, team members are able to access and work on documents together, increasing co-operation and productivity. Moreover, it's simple to send a document as a shared cloud link, removing the process of sending files via email.

Files synced and stored in the cloud allow easy co-operation and productivity. Furthermore, sharing across the cloud is also simple with a link and avoids the method of sending important business files via email.

Hosted Services

Finally, most cloud services come entirely hosted by the provider meaning less work for your small business to do.

Using a hosted service means that any updates are handled by the provider. Ensuring that any bugs are dealt with out of office leading to less down-time or connectivity failures.

What next?

At bOnline, we specialise in moving small business infrastructure to the cloud with simple onboarding, affordable prices and excellent customer service. To find out more benefits of using cloud communications for your business call our experts on 0203 697 4166.

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