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Why 2020 is the time for small businesses to switch to VoIP

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 24, 2020 2:22:53 PM
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Why 2020 is the time for small businesses to switch to VoIP

VoIP phones are quickly becoming the preferred choice of communication among small enterprises. If your business is still using traditional telephony, here are many benefits of switching to cloud-based communications.

Landline switch off

By 2025, the traditional telephone network will be switched off in favour of businesses and residents using IP networks. Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) will make it possible to purchase hybrid Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) cables allowing internet services without line rental.

Although this shutdown isn’t for another five years we strongly recommend that small companies make the switch as soon as possible to minimise disruption. 


Compared to landlines making phone calls on a VoIP system is significantly cheaper. In fact, due to WiFi hotspots being made readily available some calls can be made completely free. VoIP phone systems can be set up without the expense of an IT technician or installing a new line. Allowing the same benefits of having a landline but at a reduced cost.


VoIP makes it easy to have a flexible business number anywhere. With a universal number and phone app, businesses can easily make calls while keeping a personal and professional number separate. 

Furthermore, there are also features designed to enable remote working. For example, the ‘Pull a Call’ feature allows calls made on a separate app to be transferred to your mobile. Don’t stay stagnant with a traditional landline and have the freedom to make professional business calls on the go.


As VoIP systems work by being connected to the internet there is a lot more reliability compared to copper lines. If there’s a problem on traditional landline phones an engineer would have to come round to fix the issue, incurring costs. VoIP calls can easily be transferred to a mobile app if you face connectivity/internet issues on a desktop PC using a 4G network instead.

Grow and scale

As your business scales, so does your VoIP system. Using the app or dashboard you can simply add users for new employees who join your company. On the other hand, with a traditional landline it'd be hard to identify the employee answering the call. 

Increased productivity

Conducting voice calls on a VoIP system can also increase productivity. Using various features small businesses can create customer journeys, greetings and call queues. By doing this, you can create a caller directory that is effective and productive. For example, a sales team can have calls routed to answer warm leads.

Call Quality

Unlike fixed calls which suffer from poor networks due to geographical limitations. A business VoIP phone service has crystal clear call quality over an IP network allowing for excellent calls to be made anywhere. This clear quality can also be transferred to mobile making your business accessible from anywhere on any device.

International calling

Making international calls using a VoIP telephone is significantly cheaper than a traditional phone. Due to IP networks having non-geographical limitations it's easy to make calls outside of the UK and not get charged high rates. 

Businesses can also open international offices with VoIP while still using a UK number making it easier to grow.

50+ calling management features

VoIP services come with 50+ features that can boost operational efficiency. There are features for call management, remote working and voicemail. Allowing small businesses to refine call handling and customise greetings and business hours. 

Keep your phone number

If you own a small business and rent office space, once you move on there’s a chance that you won’t be able to take your business number with you. Forcing your business to buy a new number with line installation and experience downtime. 

VoIP allows you to keep your phone number since it’s stored in a cloud network making moving or porting your number to new devices easy. 

A VoIP solution for small businesses

Not sure where to start? bOnline offers a unique VoIP solution specifically for small businesses with affordable contracts and excellent customer service. Make the switch to VoIP now by speaking to our experts on 0203 617 9950 or reading our tailored guide.

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