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10 phone system features your small business can't live without

Posted by Amina Addow on Jun 26, 2020 10:52:11 AM
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10 VoIP features your small business can't live without

VoIP phone systems include functionality beyond making and receiving calls. There are over 50+ features available designed to enhance call management, workflows and encourage collaboration. Using these features effectively can improve the overall customer experience and make sure your small business never misses a call. 

Here are ten VoIP features your small business can benefit from today.

1. Call screening

Call screening can help maintain a professional front from anywhere. It allows you to look at a number on the caller ID and choose how to treat it. For example, if the number is a personal one you can redirect the number to your cell phone. If it's a repeat unwanted phishing call you can simply disconnect and block the number.


Auto-Attendant is an incredibly useful feature allowing callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Making sure that every call is handled correctly and the caller gets their query dealt with quickly. 

3. Music on hold

If your company often has to put callers on hold, this feature is a necessity. Let customers know that their call is still being dealt with by uploading custom music so you don't have to subject them to silence as they wait.

4. Call flows

Make sure your teams are able to answer every lead and query. Custom call flows routes inbound calls to extensions, users of specific teams. Allowing prospective customers to get through to the right service at the first ring and teams knowing how to deal with the query when the call comes through.

5. Voicemail to email transcription

Voicemail to email transcription is incredibly useful for catching out-of-hours messages. This feature transcribes your voicemail messages to text and sends them to a preferred email. Best of all, you don't have to worry about writing down important names, numbers and addresses. Allowing you to take your time, organise, delete and search through all voicemails.

6. Video conferencing

Mac-iphone-conference-free-images (1)

Collaborate with employees wherever they are and help facilitate remote working with video conferencing. Easily and securely add members with a custom PIN and individual 'rooms'. Inside the conference, you can manage invitations, "hand-raises", muting individuals etc. Making having online conferences easy to use and manage.

7. CRM integration


VoIP phones can seamlessly integrate with existing third-party CRM apps such as Salesforce. Close and report on sales in the same place to boost productivity and connect with customers in one place. This can also aid in tracking efforts and creating daily, weekly and monthly reports to monitor targets.

8. Do not disturb

This feature does exactly what its name implies: leaves you undisturbed. You can turn it on to temporarily stop incoming calls to your phone. This becomes especially useful during conferences, lunches, and meetings. Best of all, you can program it so that it does not just ignore callers, but directs them toward voicemail or another destination of your choice.

9. Call queues

Custom call queues can help build better journeys for customers and employees. Using the VoIP online dashboard can route inbound calls based on availability, work hours or location. One example of this is during busy periods routing calls to agents who are less busy or had significant time between calls. Increasing the chances of calls being answered and not missing vital leads.

10. Call recording

Finally, call recording is a great feature to ensure call quality is dealt with in every part of your business. Using the main dashboard can be unique to specific users for monitoring and training purposes. For example, a customer service team, to listen back to calls and make sure they are getting the best service. This can also be used to resolve any disputes or discrepancies. 

Final thoughts

The best combination of VoIP features for your business depends largely on the needs of your employees and customers. VoIP phone systems can offer small businesses a lot of value. To find out more information on how a VoIP phone system can benefit your business download our guide!

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