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The benefits of call recording for small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 15, 2020 12:49:15 PM
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When looking to improve operations, sales and customer reviews are important indicators. However, small businesses need to consider customer-facing data as well. This is the best way to access pain-points and real-time customer expectations. 

Here are the key ways small businesses can benefit from incorporating call recording to their phone systems.

Smart analytics

Call recording offers small business affordable access to analytics to analyse customer data and the effectiveness of calls. Listening to recorded conversations can ensure meaningful conversations with customers to understand what works and what doesn’t. This could be listening out for trends and taking immediate action when a call turns negative. Customer data is invaluable and can be used to smooth out operations.  

Training and monitoring

Ensure that calls are being answered correctly by teams with call recording. Call recording features allow you to download audio calls made through a VoIP telephone. Use this to monitor teams who make inbound or outbound calls and issue training sessions.

Call recordings can also be used to settle disputes and make sure that the business is delivering exceptional customer service.

Improve customer service

With call recording, small businesses can understand and asses the emotions of their customers more effectively. This also helps in monitoring the quality of service customer service teams are providing. If a customer does call in to complain, you can review the call and asses what went wrong. By constantly reviewing calls businesses can implement better customer service training and insights to improve customer service.

Record of calls made

Having a list of recorded calls and help create a visual insight into customers. For example, location, frequency and length of calls which can be extracted from call recording databases. This can help in better understanding of the demand for products and what customer pain-points are to better sales and customer processes.

Marketing insights

Recorded customer calls can become a powerful marketing asset as you learn about the customer. Companies can analyze whether their marketing efforts and campaigns have been successful by analyzing the number of calls and leads generated. Going further, listening to sales calls will pick up where the hesitation and pain-points are leading to more effective efforts. 

Using this data, marketing teams can push their campaigns in the right direction to better sales and ROI.

Capture missed or forgotten information

Listening to customer’s data is vital for agents but sometimes noisy environments can hinder the ability to record information provided. A call recording facility can help make sure that agents are able to backtrack and gather missed or forgotten information without wasting time doing callbacks. 

With call recording in place, agents can confidently stay engaged with the customer while knowing that notes can be made after and always referred back to. Having agents fully listening to customers also promotes excellent customer service.

Review product and services

Call recordings can be shared across departments to evaluate and collaborate on customer interactions. For example, sales teams can share with marketing their closed leads and share any customer questioning. Using this feedback, marketers can then make product messaging more informative. 

The invaluable information call recording provides can enhance products and services across the company meeting customers expectations and boosting revenue. 

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