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8 reasons not to use your personal phone number for business (and what you should do instead)

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 11, 2021 3:24:13 PM
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It may seem like a good starting point but using a mobile number for your small business but can be detrimental to your brand and relations with prospective callers. A study revealed that 85% of small business owners use mobile phones for business-related tasks on a regular basis. As your business grows over the years you'll soon start to feel the pain and limitations.

Here’s why it’s time to keep your personal and business number separate and move away from mobile phone use all together.

1. Keep personal calls, well, personal!

Providing business cards to potential prospects with your mobile number on them isn’t professional when networking. It’s important to be able to differentiate personal from professional in order to keep matters separate. Going further, most people wouldn’t want to call a mobile number when wanting to deal with business matters, a landline number is much better suited.

2. Maintain consistent business hours

Keeping a dedicated business phone number will allow you to easily maintain business hours. This telephone line will then become a number solely for business use, using a personal mobile number doesn’t allow the same structure and it can be a hassle to also answer personal calls in between. 

Using a digital phone line out of hour calls will be greeted with a personal message allowing them to leave their contact details.

3. Call Screening

Having a separate business number allows you to easily screen work calls rather than answering on your personal phone. Allowing you more time to decide what to do and how to treat the call. A designated line solely for business use is great to deal with enquires efficiently and you’ll know it’s a business call so you can treat it with more professionalism and care.

4. Forward calls to multiple people

As your business grows the need for calls to be monitored more closely grows with it. A separate business phone number will allow you the opportunity to forward calls you cannot currently take to ensure calls are taken. A shared business line comes with a digital phone line, allowing a representative of your business to handle the query and reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

5. Keep your brand consistent

Consistency is important to the future of your small business. A personal mobile line doesn’t afford that and it can get pretty confusing trying to work out which call is personal and which is a legitimate business enquiry. A separate business line can be shared with other staff members ensuring that every person who has a work phone number is operating under the same number.

6. Consumer trust

Having a personal mobile number to deal with business matters can have customers questioning the legitimacy of your business. 44% of consumers will prefer to call a landline number rather than mobile when visiting a website. A business phone line adds credibility to your business and gives a more professional look when dealing with the people that matter to your business. 

Furthermore, a local number can also help get consumers to reach out to your services making it cheaper on both ends.

7. The flexibility to work from anywhere

A separate digital business line allows you to work from anywhere. Whether in the office or at home with a handy mobile app that allows you to take calls or forward them to voicemail. This is key when an unexpected emergency comes up and you can handle calls with ease without losing customers or risking poor customer service.

8. Have a personal and work phone number on the same phone

A digital phone line allows you to have your personal and work phone number in the same place. Unlimited calling and chat messaging on your smartphone eliminate the need to carry multiple devices or getting attached to a fixed location.  A handy mobile app has every you need to continue business as usual and opens up further to more remote working capabilities.

Final thoughts

A switch to a digital business phone line is the perfect solution for moving away from a personal number. Digital phone lines are built to protect personal data, promote work-life balance and improve caller the customer journey.

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