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Top 5 bOnline phone features and how to use them

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 11, 2021 12:17:00 PM
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bOnline phone revitalises our core mission to make VoIP phone systems clear and simple for business owners.

Offering new stylish design, a smoother and more intuitive experience with robust phone system features like call recording and video conferencing as standard. We’ve also used excellent feedback from our customers to ensure it’s easy to use for business owners.

Here are the top five bOnline phone features our small business customers are using and how your business can benefit from too!

1. Mobile app

The bOnline phone mobile app is the perfect solution for keeping personal and business communication separate. Using a digital phone line you can take and make business calls from your business landline number with your mobile phone anywhere with ease.

Available on iOS and Android devices the app syncs existing phone contacts and allows you to manage your phone system settings like out of hours and voicemail from anywhere.

This is ideal for keeping a professional landline presence while working remotely and helping with business continuity. Never miss a call again with a business phone line that you can answer on your mobile phone.

2. Business hours

Add structure and improve your callers’ experience by easily adjusting your hours of operation from the bOnline phone dashboard.

Our business hours configuration tool allows you to automatically route out of hours calls to a professionally recorded greeting and voicemail box. Making it simple to update customers and callers alike on important closures and ensuring your phone is only ringing during business hours.

Business Hours (1)-2

3. Professional greetings 

First impressions of your business are important, especially via a telephone conversation. Appear as a well-established company with a professional greeting message for your phone system.

To save time, we’ve included a professional greeting by default, but these messages are also completely personal and you can easily Record, or Upload custom audio messages using the bOnline phone dashboard.

These messages are also completely personal and allow custom audio to be uploaded.
Professional greetings are also helpful in letting customers know when your business is closed on special holidays or if a colleague is simply out to lunch.


We’re also releasing a feature to allow text to speech allowing for greater convenience.


4. Call recording - on demand

Easily record an important call for your records or to review later when you have time on any call, from any device with a simple click.

Recorded calls will also be sent to your voicemail for easy listening and you can opt to have these recordings sent by copy to your email, this is perfect for legal or documented calls that need to be verified and referred to again in the future.

5. Voicemail to email

Voicemail to email is incredibly useful for catching up and actioning messages. Receive an audio file attachment or easy listening.

Voicemail (1)

BONUS - Video meetings (1-1)

With remote-work needed now more than ever, often having a video meeting is preferred. bOnline phone app allows you to collaborate with video meetings easily and securely add we’ve included 1-1 meetings free for all phone system users.

Meeting Link

Final thoughts

The best combination of bOnline phone features for your business depends largely on the needs of your business and customers.

To find out more information on bOnline phone schedule a demo with our experts today.

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