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Businesses are switching to digital phone lines. This is why you should too!

Posted by Shweta Raina on Aug 23, 2021 9:57:37 AM
Shweta Raina
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Gone are the days of people wanting traditional landlines using 100-year-old technology for their business. After BT announced that the traditional phone lines will become obsolete by 2025, many businesses are now switching to digital landlines and VoIP phone systems and benefiting. 

Traditional phone lines come with a lot of issues like no mobility or expensive tariffs, calls or call diverts. With digital phone lines, you can eliminate all of them. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows for phone calls, audio/video over the internet.  All you need is a stable internet connection or mobile network data (3G/4G/5G) to make HD quality calls. 

For any business, communication is the most basic necessity. Be it between the employees or with the customers. Business communications can become a lot easier and manageable with digital phone lines and VoIP.  It is a digital upgrade to your existing communication system with features that can never be in the package of a traditional phone line and with the right supplier it will save you £££ each year. 

Here’s why your business should switch to digital phone lines:

          Cost savings

You can save a lot of money if you switch to a digital business phone line. VoIP phone system call charges are way cheaper than traditional phone systems. You can select a plan with inclusive minutes according to your consumption or pay as you go. 

Easy to set up, the VoIP phone has almost no installation charges. Also, the VoIP phone has very few maintenance charges as they hardly ever go down. Traditional phone systems may break because of bad weather or construction, but VoIP doesn’t involve any such expense. If there is a fault, most digital lines can be rerouted without the need for expensive engineers so downtime is minutes not days.

Moreover, international calls can also be made from VoIP phones at a substantially cheaper rate than traditional lines. Whether your customers live in another country or you travel somewhere, you can connect with your customers or suppliers without worrying about hidden call charges. 


Flexibility and mobility

For digital phone lines to function, you don’t need a special device. The ability to use a VoIP phone from any device is what makes it so flexible. It’s not a fixed landline phone, it's a local number that can be used on nearly any device to make and receive calls.

No matter where you or your employees are, calls can be done from anywhere or on any device. You don’t necessarily have to stick to your workstation to communicate with people. 

Directing and redirecting calls can be done via VoIP. In addition to audio calls, video calls and screen sharing are some of the most marvellous features of the phone system.


Personal space

For keeping your mental health intact, it is important that you keep your personal and professional phones separate. At the onset of starting a business, many small business owners think that they don’t need a separate phone and they’ll be able to handle work from their personal mobile.

Soon comes a time when people start noticing that the line between their personal and professional life has started to diminish. They start experiencing burnout because they are sleeping less, there’s acute stress and they keep checking their phone for work. 

VoIP is the ultimate solution to this problem. Not only you will get a separate number with it but additionally, you’ll be able to set business hours in your phone system. After business hours, the inbound calls will be directed to voicemail. The same happens when you set your holiday schedule. This way maintaining a work-life balance becomes easier.


Stability and quality

It is highly unlikely that a VoIP phone system encounters any problems. You can rely on it for your business no matter what the physical conditions are. The VoIP systems need just a trustworthy connection to work efficiently. As calls proceed digitally, the sound quality is always in HD and you will hear the difference from a standard mobile phone or landline immediately.


A complete package

A VoIP phone system can be called a complete package as the features which it offers cannot compete with the traditional phone system. Being able to set business hours, holiday schedules and an automated welcome recording for inbound and outbound calls are some of the mind-blowing features of the phone. 

Video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording and setting call flows are other advantages that come with the VoIP system. 


Traditional phone lines will be extinct by 2025. Future proof your business now and switch to a digital line and VoIP. All the perks that VoIP has to offer will take your business to new heights. bOnline's digital phone system has got all the features that your business phone needs. Opting for our VoIP services will give you access to a phone with HD call quality, call recordings, video meetings, screen sharing, international calls, professional greetings and much more. With our VoIP and fibre connection, you can set up an affordable and hassle-free communication channel for your business.  

You can also handle your VoIP phone through the bOnline my dashboard. Setting call flows, call recording or contacts can be done with just a click. 

To know more about our products, services and bundles, get started today!


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