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Why bOnline is the better choice for businesses?

Posted by Shweta Raina on Sep 20, 2021 3:05:16 PM
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VoIP services are essential services for any business. Choosing which provider to go for can be hard sometimes. Without careful research, people often end up with high priced and poor quality connections. 

As everything is getting back to normal, the telecom industry is also moving ahead at the right pace and in an all-digital way. Most, legacy telecom providers or shall we say ‘dinosaurs’ try to lure customers with an affordable tariff, but too often this means hidden fees and even contract price hikes. 

Choosing the right provider, the right plan and the right service is essential especially, for a small business because such little things are somewhat responsible for contributing to the growth of a business. 


Reasons why bOnline is better the better choice for businesses

1. Affordable plans

For a small business, the main pain point is cash flow. So, the price of every minute matters. In recent months, bOnline is gaining momentum in the market with plans starting at just £9 for VoIP phone systems. The £12.95 plan that is discounted to £9, comes with all the features of the 'pay as you go' plan plus unlimited calling. Make as many unlimited UK landline & mobile calls as you want, or do immeasurable call conferencing, charges will remain the same. 

The unlimited 1-1 HD video meetings feature allows you to set up virtual meetings when you cannot meet people in real life.

At such low prices, you get heaps of benefits like:

  • mobile apps for iOS® and Android™
  • high definition (HD) voice
  • desk phone compatible
  • extension dialling
  • HD video quality
  • on-demand call recording
  • voicemail & voicemail-to-email
  • call reporting
  • call queues
  • call forwarding
  • out of hours management and much more

2. Bundle offers

In addition to offering VoIP services, bOnline also provides fibre and broadband plans. The more services you take, the cheaper it gets for you. The super saver bundle package starts at just £29.95. A combined package makes checking consumption and billing easy for the customers.  Choosing a single company for multiple services means that all the products will be compatible with each other.

Product bundles are known to be time-saving and are convenient for the customers. The phone system and fibre connection complement each other. So, buying them together is a win-win situation. 

3. Award-winning Onboarding

When you opt for the services of bOnline, the onboarding team is right by your side to help you in every step of the setup. 

The onboarding team is responsible to call the customers and guide them in detail about all the features of the product they have purchased. They also give you detailed step by step instructions for using the various features. 

Whether you take a new business VoIP number or switch your provider, the onboarding will be seamless. 


4. Reviews

The people at bOnline put their 'A' game forward and this can be accessed by the reviews they get. Rated 4.6/5 on Trustpilot and 4.1/5, bOnline is one of the top-rated companies in the telecommunications industry. 

''Keenan Barron was extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field

Keenan Barron was extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field. He explained everything well and was thorough - so he covered a lot of ground in a relatively short time. He was able to answer my questions as we progressed during the teaching session. Also, he was friendly and made it fun. And he was able to suggest my business might benefit from certain features of the platform.''

By Tex

The remarkable reviews help keep us motivated and the negative ones keep us on our toes to perform better. 

5. Business Focus

Being a small business itself, bOnline understands the needs and pain points of a small business. That is why it caters to small businesses only. All the plans are carefully designed to suit the needs of a small business.

6. Post-sales customer service

We value post-sales customer service as much as pre-sales. We believe that a customer might face an issue at any point. So we have a stellar customer care team to address the problems/questions of the customers at all times. 

This is our way to build a relationship with our customers and give them utmost satisfaction. 

bOnline also offers a 90-day love-it-guarantee. If you don't love them, the cancellations are hassle-free. 


Make your decision wisely and do not get blindsided by tempting offers. Compare the prices and reviews of all companies available in your area and then make a decision. 

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