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How Small Businesses Should Operate During the Pandemic?

Posted by Shweta Raina on Jun 7, 2021 10:54:37 AM
Shweta Raina
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Did you know that since the pandemic started, many businesses have died down? If not, then you should be familiar with the fact that COVID-19 was not just responsible for impacting the health of people but also for snatching away their livelihoods.

The industries which suffered the most were travel, food and entertainment. Offering to work remotely was not possible for every company. Small businesses were the major ones to be suffering because of their limited resources. Even though the government did its best to support small businesses, people still couldn’t figure out how to access this support. 

If you are a small business owner who is looking for ways for your business to adapt to working in COVID-19, we are here to help!


6 Methods Small Businesses should Adapt to Thrive during the Pandemic

  • Go Digital

In times like these when people are reluctant in moving out of their homes for even a chore, product promotion can be hard. Digital marketing comes in handy in such a case. 

Businesses are increasing their online presence to increase their brand awareness. Keeping a tab on social media accounts via clicks and impressions can help businesses in knowing what the customers want. Engagement will increase exponentially if you know what topics are customers interested in. 

Moreover, partnering with the local social media influencers or posting customer testimonials is beneficial as it helps the customers in judging the brand authenticity. 


  • Stay Up-to-Date

Pandemic or not, staying up-to-date is important. For a small business, knowing everything about the latest trends, economy or even technological updates helps in improving the style and quality of work. 

Knowledge of the latest trends can lead to lucrative opportunities. For being at par with your competitors, it is important to know what is going on in the industry. 

Improving skills on a day-to-day basis is essential not only for personal but also for professional growth. Know what you are doing at a deeper level so that your goals are met faster. 


  • Provide Security to Employees

During such an unprecedented time, the least you could do for your employees is to provide them with security. Even if the pay is less, job security should be there. 

Most importantly, if the business does not operate remotely, then the employers should take full responsibility for working according to the government guidelines. The safety of employees should be given top priority. 


  • Build Relationships with Customers

For retaining customers, small businesses must pay attention to customer service. Keeping customers satisfied at all times will result in great revenue but also attracting other customers by referrals. 

Happy customers bring happiness to the business in the form of reputation. A good reputation increases customer base, employees and investors. 

Well organised customer service setup also improves employee satisfaction. Pathetic customer care directly impacts the workload and stress levels of the employees. 

For future-proofing the business, a dedicated team should be available at all times to address the needs of the customers. 


  • Know about your Competition

A small business should be well acquainted with its competitors how big or small they are. To know deeply about their flaws and advantages will give them an edge over other companies. 

For a constructive marketing strategy, knowing about others' products and pricing is as important as your own. Coming up with innovative ideas about products and services becomes a lot easier when you know how influential your competitors are. 


  • Keep a Separate Work Phone

If you are one of those who think handling a separate phone is a hassle, you should consider giving it a go. Not only you’ll be able to get a work-life balance but also, organising work will become easier. 

Nowadays, when your home has become your office and there is no barrier between work and leisure, keeping a separate phone helps in maintaining mental well being. 

In addition to this, you can be in control of security and privacy if you keep a separate business phone. 


It takes a small business to understand the issues of small business. bOnline is one such company that can help you with these issues. From helping your business build an online presence with a captivating website to providing a separate VoIP phone with extraordinary features, bOnline does it all. We also provide fibre and broadband services at extremely affordable prices. For more information or queries, give us a call or request a callback at 0203 697 4166. 


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