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5 ways to increase employee engagement

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 9, 2019 1:15:09 PM
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As a small business owner increasing employee engagement is a great step to take in making sure your business is thriving. You need to make sure employees are passionate about their jobs and have the best company interests at heart. Here are five ways you can start improving employee engagement now.

1. Increase employee engagement by placing staff in the right roles

This may seem obvious but this is a sure way to acquire employee engagement.

By acknowledging individual skills will see a boost in productivity and have employees committed to their roles.

2. Clarify goals

Following on, give clear goals and deadlines.

Encouraging schedules and giving employees as much information as possible in regards to deadlines can allow them to plan in advance.

As a leader, it would also be beneficial to work alongside your employees and give them support.

3. Encourage Teamwork

Allow employees to collaborate in teams to shake-up the work day.

Bringing different team members together will also introduce bonding exercises which can have a motivating effect. 

4. Provide a nice work environment

Commuting to work every day can be a tiring experience, make the work environment as comfortable as possible.

When employees see that their company cares for their well-being they will feel happier in their roles, this could be small things like fruit, drinks and cycle to work schemes. 

5. Motivational Emails

Finally, praise employees publicly and send motivational emails to all staff.

Employees love to feel validated and by doing this will get them more engaged with their work.

This can really encourage morale and have employees feel they're making a difference and real contribution within the company.


Following these steps will see an increase in engagement and employees being more motivated while simultaneously bringing a more positive sentiment on what staff think of your company as a whole.

Going further, ask employees which changes they'd like to see in the workplace and conduct surveys to make sure you're well aware of what the current sentiment is and what can be improved upon.

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