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What will 5G mean for small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on May 30, 2019 2:02:36 PM
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5G has officially launched in the UK today and all eyes are on how this innovation will impact our lives.

It certainly has the potential to change telecommunications in terms of business and deliver network performances never seen before.

What is 5G?

It’s no surprise that 5G is a hot topic for business and consumers. 5G network will bring significantly faster speeds and revolutionise communications.

Synonymous with 5G, this is the fifth generation of mobile networks and currently only available on EE.

The lowest-priced deal is £54 a month plus a one-off £170 fee for a compatible handset.

According to a study from Qualcomm, by 2035, 5G could help transform up to £9.3 trillion of goods and services affecting wider industries.

Faster Speeds

5G mobile networks offer faster downloads, but customers will need a new handset to take advantage.

Speeds will be 10x faster and will transform our experience of consuming and downloading data.

Greater Capacity

As 5G is faster and a greater bandwidth it can deal with a much greater capacity. Meaning businesses can run many high functioning applications at the same time.

Bringing the ability to work faster and achieve higher production rates and efficiency, in turn, saving costs and driving revenue.


UK businesses will have access to reliable and consistent internet connections.

In contrast with 4G, it is said that 5G will have much better reliability rates and could mean no more dropped calls or connection issues.

As this is currently only limited to mobile networks which will undoubtedly bring benefits for remote working and connectivity.

How your small business can prepare

With all this in mind, small businesses should look at transferring systems or services into the cloud ahead of a wider rollout of 5G.

5G is tipped to bring advantages to businesses large and small.

Many expect this innovation to change and advance many existing industries which small business owners should be very excited by.

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