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7 signs your small business needs to switch to VoIP

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Oct 16, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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Many small businesses have already experienced the benefits of VoIP for their internal and external communications. There are still small businesses who are hanging onto traditional landlines at the cost of their business operations.

Here are some signs that your small business needs to switch to VoIP. 

Missed calls

If your small business is constantly missing calls due to your traditional phone system it means you need to switch to VoIP. It is important to not miss calls because those become missed opportunities for your small business. With VoIP missed calls will rarely happen unless intentional with features that help organize your calls so that they will be answered as soon as possible. Feature such as:

Simultaneous ringing: you will not miss a call because all your devices ring.

Auto Attendant: a menu so that callers can reach the correct extension.

Call queues: Minimizes customer wait time and helps prevent missed calls.  

Unable to work remotely

If your small business is unable to work remotely it is time to switch especially now where it is required to work from home due to COVID. Even if your team is working remotely they need to get together to keep your small business functioning. VoIP has many features to make working with others simple. Features such as call conferencing and video conferencing allow the team to work together at any time. 

Low-quality customer service

Customer service is immensely important for small businesses to build rapport and a strong customer base. A main source of complaints and dropped calls is employee performance and long call wait times. Using a traditional landline, your customers can face long wait times due to no access to call features such as call flows and queues to design a unique customer journey. Without this your customers will face poor service and it's unlikely that they will return to your business or refer services.

Inability to move office space

With traditional landlines, it is difficult to move to new locations and set up. This is because landlines are connected by copper wires connected to a wall socket. This makes it difficult to move and adds a cost because you need an engineer to do all manual work. If your old landline is causing your business to have difficulties moving it is time to switch to VoIP. With VoIP installation is very simple you either install an app or software that requires no engineers only an internet connection is needed. 

Losing your business number

If your small business is losing its business number you need to switch to VoIP. Your business number is very important because this is the main way your customers connect to your business. This number will be printed on various things such as business cards or advertisements and if they call and your number no longer belongs to you there will be a loss in potential customers. With VoIP, you have a secure number that will not be lost.

Security issues

If your business is having security issues you have to switch to VoIP because unlike calling systems VoIP will keep all your information safe and organized. VoIP has features that will help keep your sensitive information safe. With VoIP, you can back up and secure important documents. It also has cloud storage where you can share files and documents with your colleagues for easy and safe access. It is important to have your small business information secure because if it is not it can be used by your competition.

Expensive call costs

One of the biggest reasons to switch is the cost of VoIP is very inexpensive than traditional landlines. For a traditional landline, the cost of domestic calls is high and international calls are even higher. VoIP has low costs and some packages offer international included no additional cost. There is also a higher cost to fix and maintain landlines because it requires an engineer to fix the wires.

If VoIP seems like the best option for you and want to switch to VoIP check out our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166.

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