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8 reasons to use a virtual number for your small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 12, 2021 12:58:56 PM
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No matter the size of your business, it's important to present a professional appearance to anyone who interacts with your business. This can apply to the email address you present on your website and more importantly a phone number. It's important to have a reliable and stable landline presenting number with added benefits such as call management features.

Here's why a virtual number is best for your business.

1. Keep your phone number

The biggest benefit of using a virtual phone number is that in the event of moving offices you can port your existing number. Compared to a traditional phone line, there are expenses when trying to install a new line and there's no guarantee that this will be the same. A cheaper option is a virtual landline which is stored in your dashboard and can easily be ported and maintained.

2. Virtual and toll-free phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers provide easy access to toll-free phone numbers outside geographical restrictions. This feature allows users to call internationally without expensive costs or hardware. Helping your business present a local dialling option to customers offering easy communication and trust within the local community.

3. Easy to use dashboard

Virtual landlines are provided with an easy to use dashboard to manage calls, voicemail and other users. This allows all communications to be in one place and a simple way to log calls within your team. 

4. Call screening and transfers

Virtual phone systems provide immediate call forwarding. An added benefit is also call screening which enables users to answer a call or redirect to voicemail. This is particularly useful when taking calls outside of the office and for remote work. Ensuring that important calls are not missed by routing them to your office, home or alternative numbers within your team. Helping you remain accessible to clients, colleagues and external suppliers.

5. Auto attendant

Auto attendant enables inbound calls to be greeted by a professional greeting no matter the time of call. These messages can be customised for any occasion and gives the customer clear instructions, for example directing to a number for a specific service. You can customise this to different departments, extensions or even a voicemail box eliminating the need for an operator or receptionist and providing overall savings.

6. Remote working

Utilising a virtual number also helps encourage remote working for you and your employees. There are various features that allow seamless communication and collaboration such as: chat messaging, video meetings. What's more, is that via your phone system dashboard you can set working hours helping employees stay accountable and still be able to take important lunch breaks.

7. Voicemail to email

For callers that can't reach your business voicemail to email is an incredibly helpful tool in ensuring every message reaches your business. Virtual phone systems enables voicemail recordings to be sent via your email for easy listening on your own terms. These messages can be easily accessibly remotely via a mobile device or a desktop.

Leading to quick and efficient follow-ups. Unified communications also allows these messages to be accessed through multiple office locations.

8. Mobile access

Virtual phone systems also allow you to take professional business calls on your mobile! Easily answer, review or redirect calls with an easy-to-use app even when out of the office ensuring that calls are never missed. Mobile access also allow you to easily work from anywhere and still maintain the level of professionalism your clients, customers and employees expect.

Final thoughts

Build a professional front and customer rapport with a cloud phone that's accessible anywhere with 40+ features to enhance customer journeys. To see how a bOnline phone can benefit your business speak to an expert on 0203 697 4166.

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