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7 VoIP features to manage teams working remotely

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Oct 15, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a great demand for remote working and adjusting to this 'new normal'. The way we have to work and interact with our colleagues has changed and needs to be monitored in a new way.

Here are seven way to manage remote teams with VoIP.

1. Presence management 

Presence management is an essential tool for keeping track of employees while working remotely. This tool allows you to see when employees are active/available in real time holding them accountable. Furthermore, this can also help with assisting customers by transferring them to the right department without any hold music. 

2. Communication

One of the best ways to manage teams working remotely is to regularly communication with teams. It is very easy to forget to communicate with other team members while not in person. With VoIP, it has many features to help connect such as calls, video conferencing, and chat. As a manager go out of your way to talk to your team members because they might be a little more hesitant to ask for help. 

3. Conference video calling

Due to Covid-19 nearly half of the UK workforce is working remotely. Employees have had to completely change how they are communicating and working together. Businesses that need to work together have to meet in another way since they can no longer meet in person. VoIP has Video conferencing that has made working from home simply by allowing your team to connect and make video calls from anywhere. With video conferencing, your business can have meetings and management can make sure they are continuing to progress on projects. 

4. Chat messages 

Since teams can no longer communicate in person they need fast simple ways to talk to each other. With VoIP on you can chat with other team members and they will get the messages immediately. With chat messages, managers can connect with teams to update and check up on them. 

5. Call recordings

VoIP has Call recording which is a software that records telephone conversations and saves them in digital audio file format. Even though people are working from home you want to make sure customer service is of high quality. With these recordings, you have the ability to go back and see how they went and pull out any important information. Managers can check if customer service is done well or bad and if something is wrong they can correct it. 

6. Analytics

VoIP has call analytics which can help collect valuable information for the business. The information that comes from these calls are valuable and can indicate what you are doing right and where you can improve. Some features from call analytics are call tracking and call recording. This information sometimes can become overwhelming from the amount you have but it is better because this information can be used later to help check on all your remote workers. 

7. Cloud-based System 

When you are working on anything it can become overwhelming trying to share files that could contain sensitive information. Also to send documents by email it might take longer to get a response and with a cloud-based system, it will send a notification quickly. With a cloud-based system, you can share files with team members that can be accessed from anywhere. VoIP has CRM integration. With CRM integration of your calls, emails, messages, and files are organised in one place. The VoIP phone system can integrate existing third-party CRM applications such as Gsuite or Microsoft Office.

To see how VoIP can help your small business manage teams working remotely check out our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166. 

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