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The 90's called - they want their phone line back

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Jan 25, 2018 2:53:54 PM


Just like map books, floppy disks and Blockbuster video shops, the traditional phone line is FAST becoming obsolete, being overtaken by cloud technology.

There was a time where all the things mentioned above were the height of technology. You have to give them credit, we’d have been lost without them! But as technology moves forward, mobile apps have replaced map books, Netflix has replaced blockbusters, and cloud phones are replacing landline phones.

Landline phones have been slowly becoming obsolete since the invention of mobile phones. In 2017, 50.8 percent of homes had only a mobile phone, and no landline. Now with the introduction of cloud phones linking traditional landline numbers with mobile capabilities, the traditional phone is looking more and more like a relic.

Here are just a few reasons why traditional phones are losing in 2018:

Where are all the features?

One of the great advantages of cloud phones is all of the features that come FREE. Set-up caller menus, so when customers call they can select the right department or location; have music or messages playing for customers on hold; conference calls are finally simple. These are features you can only dream of when using a landline, and they’re so useful in the day-to-day of a business.

It feels like I’m chained to my desk?

Traditional landline phones just don’t fit in with 2018 lifestyle anymore. Cloud phones allow simultaneous ringing on multiple devices, so pop out and get a cup of coffee without the fear of missing any calls, when you set your mobile to ring. That’s right, dial/receive calls from your landline number on your mobile with no extra costs.

No more being tied to my desk all day. Cloud phones are encouraging a more flexible lifestyle, even allowing employees to work from home, and on-site, while using their work phone number.

Why does it cost so much?

It’s costing you to hold on to that dinosaur technology. Cloud phones save on average 33 percent compared to traditional landlines, plus you get all those features and convenience we just touched on. Cloud phones use your broadband package, so there are no additional line rental fees, no engineer visits or installation waiting times and the calls are so much cheaper, even calls abroad!


Final thoughts

It's time to ditch the 90's phone and accelerate your business into 2018. I know change is scary but bOnline is here to help you navigate this change. Our cloud phone platform is used by 16 million users worldwide.  

To find out more about the bOnline cloud phone system, please follow this link.


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