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How Artificial Intelligence can benefit small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 9, 2019 3:08:44 PM
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Artificial intelligence for small business can seem intimidating at first. It is easy to dismiss this phenomenon as ‘foreign’ and a complicated tool. However, AI offers many benefits for small businesses and the time is now to seize this opportunity.

Utilising AI has the potential to close the gap between your business and larger competitors. In this blog post, we’ve set out four major ways your small business can benefit.

Data collection and analysis

The most important benefit AI can offer is the ability to easily collect and analyse data. A study by 250 marketing professionals showed that 96% predict that AI will be able to handle repetitive research in five years.

Used correctly, this can be advantageous in shaping key marketing strategies.

Data can also be used to identify what keeps customers coming back to your product while also discovering new market niches.

AI can become an essential and analytical tool for your small business.

Improve your customer service

Customer support is essential in maintaining customer satisfaction and reducing complaints. For example, with the age of the internet and technology consumers want and expect a resolution to their issues a lot faster.

AI can help with this in the form of automated chatbots allowing your customers to connect with your business 24/7. 

Having customers queries answered in an instance makes them more likely to buy from your business. 

Customer insight

Software such as Intercom can give you valuable insight into customer behaviour and keep them up to date on things such as calls, emails, messaging and other interactions.

Intercom also has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) feature which shows you what customers are happy with your service and what areas need work.

You can also target mass emails by adding segments and filters making the process easier.

Focused Marketing

Following on from the last point AI can also help you target and focus your marketing.

Using features such as Facebook Ads can give you a detailed insight on your page. This gives you access to data such as age, gender and occupation which will really help you to understand your audience and adapt your marketing strategy.

Additionally, Facebook Ads builds audiences around your ad based on your data and demographics meaning matching your business to your target audience.


AI can effectively be used and led by small businesses. We hope that this post has highlighted how it can be used to improve your sales, marketing and customer service.

Overall, embracing AI has the potential to see your profits soar and bring convenience to everyday tasks.

For more tips and tricks to help your small business thrive, be sure to check back onto for more resources.

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