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Why brand storytelling is essential for small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 27, 2019 11:11:04 AM
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Branding is a big part of building a business and it's a mistake to think that this stops at a logo and name. Small businesses need to inject the magic of brand storytelling to fully connect with consumers.

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is an essential part of business as it explains your ethos and background to your idea and company.

It's a way of building a physical culture around your product/service that can be explored online and in marketing campaigns.

Connects with audiences

Having a good story behind your brand allows audiences to connect with your image and business identity.

Giving a purpose to your product can build a consistent experience with consumers giving measurable results as 60% already expect this from companies.

Make brands more person friendly

When consumers have a brand that they identify with they’re more likely to approach and associate with your business.

Making a brand compelling and person friendly will allow consumers to relate and invest in your business.

Provides authenticity

Following on, storytelling provides authenticity and builds a brand that consumers can trust.

A story gives a reason and background to your business allowing consumers to believe in your product.

Make consumers take notice

Creating a compelling brand story will increase interest in your business and make customers take notice.

A slogan can only do so much, a brand story will give consumers a tangible insight into your business and what you stand for.


The best brand stories tap into consumer emotions as it allows them to connect with the brand and perks interest. 

Using brand storytelling can paint what your business stands for and create personal relationships with consumers leading to long-term loyalty. 

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