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Business broadband providers short on speed

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Mar 27, 2018 12:53:26 PM


As you’ve probably read, some of the UK’s biggest broadband providers have been inadequately informing customers about internet speeds when they are buying a new broadband deal. This just brings to light how important it is to search broadband deals and get a realistic quote.

While checking speeds, and getting quotes, are important, this is by no means the only thing you should be doing. Choosing the wrong broadband for your business will have catastrophic effects and stunt your businesses growth. So it’s better to get it right first time.

So make sure the speed you’re being offered is realistic, and check this against other providers speeds for your area. Then follow these steps before committing to a broadband contract.

How many people will be using your connection? And will the connection cope as your company grows?

The more people using your connection, the slower it will be for everyone. If you have more than four employees or are looking to grow your business in the next few months - year, you should look for packages that are fast enough to accommodate everyone using it. You could also consider unlimited and fibre packages, too you won’t have to worry about using all your data, and having a super fast connection will improve your staff’s productivity.

What's your budget?

Price is important, especially for small and growing companies. You need to pick what you can afford after all. While getting the cheapest broadband at the speed you need will be your number one priority, you also need to make sure it includes all the features you need. Can it handle cloud phones? Will it be able to cope as your company grows?

It's much more important that your internet connection is stable, and supports the activity of everyone in your business, so you should discount any deal that doesn't meet those needs. Make sure you look at broadband features first, ensuring all your requirements are included. Then compare to find the package that suits you that has the best price.

How’s their customer service?

Never underestimate the value of a good account manager and the difference they can make to the level of service you receive. When something goes wrong, can you get hold of someone on the phone or via online chat who has the technical knowledge to actually help? Are they just pulling your details up on a computer or are you always going to speak to someone who knows you and your business? Use independent sites such as TrustPilot and read other peoples experiences with the company.

Does the provider understand cloud phones?

Cloud phones, or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a business phone system that uses your existing internet connection to make calls. It’s a much cheaper alternative than a traditional phone line and offers many attractive features that small businesses can use to appear more professional on the phone.

But because cloud phones rely on your internet connection, not all businesses can benefit because their connection isn’t powerful enough. If your provider is aware of VoIP they will be able to advise you on the correct speed you’ll need, and even offer the phone system as part of a package bundle.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, there are lots of different factors to consider when choosing a broadband provider and package. On the other hand, entering into a broadband contract doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are websites such as broadband choices that will compare packages based on your requirements to get you the best deal. With broadband, it’s all about research - so if you do that thoroughly, you’ll find the package that is right for you.


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