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Why choosing a business phone number is important for small business

Posted by Amina Addow on Nov 27, 2019 2:53:06 PM
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For many businesses, telephony is the preferred and important method of communication for customers.

Having a reliable telephone number should be at the forefront for small businesses in providing consistent customer service. Whether your business is a new sole trader or has considerable business experience the power of the telephone cannot be disputed. Picking the right number is pivotal.

Professional look

Choosing a custom telephone number gives your business a professional look. Professional numbers can also assist in creating a personalised experience with additional caller menus. Making sure customers have the right service at the right signal. Nowadays, customers have expectations and a single bad experience can lead them to switch to a competitor.

Choosing an area code

Location is key. For a business operating within the UK, there are different numbers such as 01,02,03 which can become expensive for customers to call.

Allow customers to call at their convenience. With the flexibility to set your own business number and benefit from the association with common known 02 numbers. A cloud phone number gives your business the opportunity to appear more like your customers.

Furthermore, Using VoIP (which has no geographical limitations) can reduce the costs of normally high international rates and maintain easy contact with customers and business partners. In situations where your operations may be outsourced your business can still provide a UK number.

Don’t spend too much on a business line

There’s a lot of costly expenses involved in running a business don’t let your phone line contribute to this.

Choose a VoIP phone number without signing onto a lengthy contract where prices are soon to go up. Keep the same amount of professionalism using an easy cloud solution without the costs of installation. VoIP is a plug-in and go service with most security checks and updates dealt with by the provider saving time and money.

Keep connected

While the internet has now become the go-to for customers when wanting to resolve queries the telephone is still unrivalled. Keep connected with your customers by providing a consistent telephone number to be reached.

Cloud numbers

Cloud numbers offer a new alternative to traditional telephony at half the cost and additional features. The world of business communications is changing and with Openreach launching SOGEA and moving to end the landline next year. By utilising cloud numbers will give your small business more flexibility, awareness and overall efficiency.

Switching to VoIP

Using cloud phones for your small business opens up to a world of benefits. Lowering costs, providing flexibility and bettering the customer experience. At bOnline, we offer specialist training, excellent rated customer support and easy onboarding. To find out more about our packages click here or speak to our friendly VoIP expert on 0203 697 4166.

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