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Why businesses like yours are moving to cloud-based services

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Jan 11, 2018 12:29:44 PM


Following the crowd or ‘being a sheep’ has many negative connotations, and in business, you’re hardwired to be different from your competition. So us telling you to join the masses and sign up to the cloud revolution must be an odd thought...BUT, Cloud-based services are becoming hugely popular, especially with UK start-ups and small businesses.


Cloud technology is creating a new era of how businesses operate. With cloud-based phone services, you can work from anywhere at any time, through any connected device connected. It enables working seamlessly from on-site, abroad or from home to be an easy task for all employees, offering more flexibility and a popular incentive for many.


It’s ideal for start-ups and small businesses who are looking to grow in the future. Easily scale up your usage, as your business grows. The advantage of having systems in the ‘cloud’ is no hardware is required, so scalability really is easy. This flexibility is one of the main reasons SMEs are choosing cloud-based solutions for their businesses.


Security is a major factor for everyone. Data hacking and breaches are rising, so how can you protect your small business (which could be vulnerable to data hackers) from coming to any harm? Cloud-based services secure your data extremely efficiently and offers encryption of your data. The cloud is also crucial in the event of an, e.g. power cut or crashed server, your data is safe.

Scalable and reliable

We’ve briefly covered the scalability benefits of cloud-based phone systems. As the team expands, even to another location, cloud-based phone system facilitate this and make the growth smooth. Cloud-based solutions are more reliable than traditional software, which when combined with no upfront costs and low maintenance costs, makes it an extremely desirable solution to business needs. You can be sure with cloud services that you’re running on the latest model of the software. It is all operated from the internet, and automatic updates ensure a highly reliable system.

Cost benefits

There are no monthly fees; you simply pay for what you use. This subscription-based model is extremely affordable and popular amongst SMEs, and when you combine this will no additional fees for installation (because there is no bulky hardware!) the solution is even more appealing.


Final Thoughts

Now you know the five main reasons for which cloud technology is growing in popularity, you can decide for yourselves if it is right for your business.

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