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How the cloud is changing the way for small businesses

Posted by Suzannah Hale on May 3, 2018 3:16:22 PM


There is no doubt that cloud phones are paving the way for how businesses will be run in the future. But research shows that over half of small businesses in the UK still aren’t using the cloud.

Growing together

Using the cloud, you have the flexibility with your resources to grow as you grow as a company. Don’t make the mistake of getting tied into lengthy and expensive contracts. You can instead tailor the services you receive to your business needs.


With cloud storage, you are less likely to run the risk of being hacked. With cloud data storage, you can store vast amounts of data online, where it is secure, backed up and you can access it at any time, from anywhere.

Encourage collaboration

By using the cloud, you can connect your team and your organisation wherever you are, so you don’t need to be in the same office. It allows flexibility for your employees, and working on-site or in a different office.

Never miss a call

Using cloud phone systems gives you the option of making and receiving calls not only from a landline but a mobile phone and from your computer too so you can manage your business whether you’re in the office or not. You’ll appear more professional to your clients - while you may be using a mobile, but your callers will see your landline number on their caller display.

Never miss a voicemail

All voicemail messages left on your business number can be sent directly to your smartphone as an email, so you can be sure you’ll never miss an important message even when you can’t take a call.

No contracts

One of the most attractive aspects of the cloud for small businesses you remove the expensive overheads of hardware maintenance and licensing, so you pay less up front and you only have to pay for what you actually need.

Final Thoughts

Switching your business over to the cloud will open many doors for your business. Benefit from all the areas above, and discover many more as you begin to use the many versions. Introduce more flexibility and cost-saving options for your business today by trying the cloud.

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