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7 Ways Cloud Computing is Changing the Business World

Posted by Amina Addow on Oct 30, 2019 4:34:22 PM
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More and more businesses are switching to the cloud for both their internal and external communications. Surveys show that this trend is being adopted more by large companies than smaller ones. In fact, 41% of surveyed businesses are planning to expand spending on cloud technologies.

So, why all the interest in cloud computing? Here are the ways cloud computing is drastically changing the world of business.

Cloud services improve customer communications

First off, cloud services are dramatically improving customer communications via apps and also phone calls. The days of one person manning the phone 9-5 is now gone, this work can now be split to other employees and tailored for customer needs. More and more companies are exporting their customer service teams to service other timezone so customers feel that they are supported 24/7. Moreover, this can be extended to automated chat or call bots to meet the demands of customers who want a faster response time.

Lower Costs

One of the biggest ways cloud services is changing the business world is due to low costs small businesses can now incorporate these tools into their business model. There's a lot of expenditure required using older technologies such as landlines which come with expensive hardware. Most cloud services such as VoIP and super-fast fibre are now available tailored to their needs. This means that small businesses are no longer disadvantaged and are able to increase operations and productivity in the same way.


Collaboration has been enhanced significantly with the introduction of collaborative software. Using a simple web browser colleagues can now access and edit documents without being in the same office. This, in turn, increases productivity between colleagues and even gives an opportunity for teams to communicate effectively. Here at bOnline, we are able to work across different continents via Hangouts and interactive messaging apps.

Flexible Working

Cloud communication is making remote offices and flexible working a reality. As cloud services aren't disadvantaged from geographical restrictions small businesses can set up abroad at no further costs. Offering opportunities to expand globally while still keeping a UK office headquarters. Remote working also offers your employees work from home opportunities to improve well-being and employee productivity while so facilitating and assigning work with apps such as Slack and Asana.


Cloud computing can help facilitate various communication tools across your business. For example, with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), calls aren't just confined to audio. Access multiple channels such as instant messaging, video calls and easy call conferencing with multiple callers. Some services can also transcribe voicemails and transfer into emails creating a totally unified communications service. Making it easier to store customer information and be able to fully assist with different queries to heighten customer service.

Expansion and Location

Cloud-based services have no geographical restrictions, meaning businesses can set up multiple offices either in different neighbourhoods, cities and even abroad at little additional costs. Features such as VoIP means that your business can easily use a UK number anywhere in the world. This makes it possible for small businesses to outsource their company to other countries while being able to give customers one number to contact for ease and clarity.

Backup and Security

For any business, big or small security is important. With cloud technology, security and software updates are handled by the cloud provider and updated automatically by the service provider. This enables sharing of documents safer with two-factor authentication and being able to lock documents to 'view only'. When it comes to sensitive information, RightScale found that security is no longer a top concern of companies adopting cloud services. Most cloud services are constantly upgrading their security to meet the demand for business use. Making cloud storage an easier and safe way to access and store documents.

Switching is simple

As seen above, cloud computing is changing business for the better. With bOnline, upgrading your business communications is simple. We offer easy setup, onboarding and training with 24/7 support so you can get up and running fast. For more information on how cloud communications are changing business for the better click here to see our packages or call us on 0203 617 9950.

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