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Four communication tools for small businesses

Posted by Suzannah Hale on Apr 19, 2018 11:03:19 AM


Communication in business is an important area that is often overlooked when businesses are just starting up, or growing. In this blog, I’ve outlined four areas that businesses can use to quickly and easily improve communications - both internally and externally.

1. Cloud Phones

This is a revolutionary communication method using the internet to make phone calls. This phone system is ideal for business looking to cut costs and make international calls. Cloud phones offer a lot of features, which allow small businesses to appear larger to their clients.

Using features like auto attendant (the pre-recorded menu you hear as you phone in, press 1 for sales, 2 for customer services etc.) will allow you to answer calls more effectively. Even if all the calls go to the same person who deals with sales and customer services, the caller will think their call is being prioritised. This is just one of the features that will benefit your business.

2. Email

Although many think that email marketing is on the downturn, but our research shows that this is wrong - read the research here. When it comes to keeping in contact with your customers and updating them with your company’s latest news, email is great for adding value and can be automated.

Your customers also prefer to be contacted via email. Get your email automation and journeys mapped and see the engagement from your current customers' increase.

3. Collaboration

The cloud offers flexibility and collaboration in a way that other programmes and solutions don’t. Not only can you take your office number anywhere with you with a cloud phone, but you can also take your work with you too.

Collaborate with colleagues from different offices, or even from home. Increase productivity in your office and within your employees by offering quick and easy sharing of docs that get the job done to a higher standard in a shorter time. Google Docs is a great example of this.

4. Social media

Whether it’s chatting with your customers or promoting your latest service, more and more companies are going to social media to connect with their customers. It provides customers an instant way to get up to date with the latest news, opinions and personality of a brand. It makes businesses human, providing real-time contact with customers that they really appreciate.

Final thoughts

It’s important to reflect on your businesses communications, both externally and internally. How do you come across to your customers? Do you offer productive solutions to your employees? Using the four tools mentioned above, your communication will begin to improve and you’ll see positive changes.

It is also important to note that GDPR is rapidly approaching. With this in mind, how you communicate with your customers might change. You must comply with the new legislation around data protection or face a large fine. Read more about GDPR here.


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