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5 ways to create a happy workplace environment

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 28, 2019 3:16:44 PM
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As a business owner, it’s easy to get swept up with the aspects of running a business and forget about the things that make people want to work for you. Making your business a comfortable and happy place to work increases productivity and helps the people who work for you do their best for the company.

We look at five areas you can work on to create a happy work environment.

1. Appreciate your employees

This may seem obvious but taking time to appreciate employees can do wonders for the workplace environment.

Recognising talent by introducing an employee of the month or giving bonuses will boost morale and encourage employees to work harder.

2. Introduce a social workplace

The workplace can get stuffy.

Introducing a social networking space like Workplace will allow employees to interact with each other in a fun and relaxed environment.

Making interactions more personal and less professional will also allow employees to get to know one another and create a happier workplace.

3. Promote organisation

Having unorganised workloads can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort within the office space.

Encouraging schedules and giving employees as much info as possible in regards to deadlines can allow them to plan in advance and increase productivity.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Stress in the workplace can’t be avoided but it can be managed.

One way to do so is to introduce mindful meditation. Mindful meditation will allow employees to destress and allow them to disconnect from work-related stress.

In fact, mindfulness can reduce perceived stress by up to 40%.

5. Flexibility for Staff

Keeping a work-life balance is important for any employee.

Remembering that your employees have a life outside of work and make conscious decisions to give them manageable work.

Going further, introduce flexible working policies like work-from-home days to give colleagues a much need break from the office.


We hope this blog post has highlighted how important a happy workplace is to your business in not only affecting productivity but also morale.

Employees are the heart, without them your business wouldn’t be able to function so take the time to make sure their comfortable and happy working for you.

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