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4 ways to create a culture that supports work-life balance

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 2, 2019 12:09:03 PM
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Keeping a work-life balance is important for any employee. Remembering that your employees have a life outside of work will see them be much happier. We've outlined tips on how you can create a culture that supports work-life balance.

1. Encourage Employees To Take Time Off

Offering time off and holiday leave is a given.

However, with overbearing schedules and deadlines employees may not have the time or feel able to take their annual leave.

Change this by reminding staff who do have days left over to use them.

By doing this, employees will feel that they can separate themselves from their work and feel less guilty when taking time off.

2. Allow Adequate Leave for Life Events

Following on, life happens.

Sudden events such as a sick relative or bereavement can have a devastating impact.

Implement leave guidelines for this and give employees time and the space to deal with issues.

3. Introduce flexible working policies

Make an effort to work around employees' lives, the majority may be parents or caregivers.

Flexible working policies like work-from-home days can give colleagues a much-needed break from the office.

Furthermore, this also offers a break from their daily commute and some may even feel more comfortable working from home.

4. Company Outings

Also known as ‘corporate days out’ consists of having staff spend a day out with a team doing a recreational activity or just to have fun!

Company outings can strengthen team bonds and more importantly allow employees to have fun with their co-workers doing something non-work related.

Final Thoughts

Not allowing your employees to disconnect from work could cause them to resent their job and even leave your business.

Take time to create a culture where employees don't see work as a chore and are able to separate themselves when needed. Going further, doing this can even create a happier workplace.

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