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Posted by Amina Addow on Jul 12, 2019 4:38:49 PM
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In the current climate, small business has been finding it hard to thrive. An alarming rate of small businesses on the high street has been closing down due to higher costs and consumer disinterest. To succeed in business today you need to be flexible and have good planning to adapt to changing markets and demand.Once you have your business set up it's essential to continue scaling and growing to make sure you stay ahead of your field. Here are tips on how to grow your business and make sure you succeed while doing it.

Build a Small Business Plan

Perhaps, the most important step in growing your small business is to make sure you have a workable plan.

A business plan is essentially a written document or presentation that shows what your product or service is, profits, investments and what you hope your projections will be in consecutive years.

This plan will become the backbone of your small business so it needs to not only be accurate but sensible and achievable.

Find The Right Partners

The probability of success rests largely with who you choose to partner up with and it's imperative you make the right decisions.

Following on from the previous point, a business plan will lead to potential investors and individuals wanting to partner with your small business.

Ask yourself these questions:

What can this partner offer my business? Can they bring the right qualities to my business plan? What are their reasons for joining?

Make sure that you’re picking the right partners that can help your venture succeed and excel.

Understand Your Products and Services

Next, make sure you completely understand your products and services. This means tapping into your competition, analysing the market and making sure you have the tools to succeed.

No matter the industry, you should always be positioning yourself as the experts in your field and that your product or service stands out.

Going further, doing this will help plan your marketing techniques and find the best ways of advertising your product.

Stronger communication skills will enable you to recognise and adopt a sales presentation for various types of customers for better profits.

Choose The Right Suppliers

Throughout your journey from start-up to a fully fledged company, there may be instances where you’d have to outsource.

This could be for a variety of reasons such as wholesalers, vehicles or even business broadband and phone systems.

As a business, you want to ensure you have the capacity to grow. It is essential you go with suppliers who can scale with you to avoid the disruption of having to change companies.

Manage Your Finances

Having a budget is a given for any business but it's particularly important when you start to expand.

Make sure you understand the difference between business and personal finances and make sure business expenses only stay within the business.

In fact, hiring a bookkeeper or accountant is a good way to make sure your finances are in order.

Step Up Your Branding

Branding is an important step in scaling a business, it’s what gives you an individual flair and stands out from the competition.

Focus on colours, logo and slogans which you can use to shape your brand message and brand identity.

With this, you can then start to think about how best to market your products and design your websites or products.

Don’t be afraid to be daring and bold, this is where customers will take notice and it's best to entice to keep them interested.

Make Lasting Connections

In business, it’s not what you know but who you know.

Business growth is entirely depending on your way of making connections and talking to people.

Get your business out there by attending networking events and business conferences.

Allowing you to meet like-minded people who can become valuable connections moving forward.

Support Network

Building connections are important from fellow entrepreneurs or investors.

Don’t be afraid to depend on others and seek out support while building the starting to expand.

Support networks can also offer insight and help your venture take off.

Hire The Right Employees

Employees can make or break a business, remember without them it wouldn’t be able to function. Workplace conflict could mean the downfall of a business, research shows that losing an employee can cost up to £30k.

As a growing business, you need to make sure your hires are the right fit for your business ideas and goals.

Be selective in your interview process and make sure that the employees you do hire have the same mindset with a focus to scale your business venture.

Set Up Your Social Media

Social media is key to creating brand awareness and can turn content into conversations. It can also aid in giving a format and a platform for your small business.

Make sure when promoting and beginning your next phase of business that you use social media to amplify this.

This is also a channel for consumers and shouldn’t be forgotten or taken lightly when planning marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

In order to succeed in scaling your business is to be flexible but also aware of your competition, in order to really connect with your audience and consumers. Following these tips will allow you to examine how your business can grow and what steps are realistic while understanding your markets and clearly positioning yourself as the front runners.

Having your own small business is rewarding but it's important to also plan ahead and improve your operations today.

Furthermore, connections are key to expand so collaborate with leaders in your field, finding the right partner or advisor will do wonders for your small business and lead to future opportunities.

Keep up with change and demand to make sure your business is ready for anything.

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