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How small businesses can prepare for SOGEA

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 14, 2019 1:04:33 PM
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Ofcom has released a statement regarding Single Order Generic Ethernet Access which will see telephone lines moving to broadband. This will undoubtedly cause a massive shake-up to services and we dive into how small businesses can prepare for this.

What does this mean for UK businesses?

First off, let’s look at why this is an important change to telecommunications and how it relates to small businesses.

UK small businesses will be able to benefit from cost-saving and technological freedom as outdated phone lines will no longer be needed.

More importantly, this will bring small business communication to an enterprise level.

Make the switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol

The absence of compulsory line rental will pave the way for cloud-based phones.

It's ideal to switch to VoIP now to minimise the disruption and create a smoother transition process.

Here at bOnline, we offer broadband and VoIP packages so get ahead of the competition and see how we can help you save.

Train Employees

Whilst most cloud-based software is relatively easy to use problems could still arise.

Ensure your employees are trained and are confident to use their new lines.

Educate them in newsletters, emails and social groups to make sure they can start preparing for this switch.

Update Your Customers

Keep your customers in the loop of your switch especially if it comes with a change of phone number.

Going further, promote how your business is moving forward and keeping in touch with technological advancements to engage users.

Final Thoughts

Broadband without line rental has the potential of changing the way a small business is run while simultaneously providing convenience and big savings for business owners.

Ensure your small business is at the forefront and that you are making the most out of this roll-out.

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