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8 ways to build better customer relationships

Posted by Lauren Bagdasarian on Jul 23, 2020 12:30:00 PM

8 lessons on building customer relationships

In a business setting, companies strive to make good relationships with their customers and potential business partners. Maintaining these relationships is essential for the success of further growth.

If employees and staff don't participate in the necessary networking to build these connections, the company will not be familiar with others in their industry and will lack personal relations with them. 

1. Focus on the quality of the relationship 

Rather than being concerned about positive feedback given in reviews and surveys, employees should be more concerned with providing quality customer service. By being more conscious about the quality of work rather than the quantity of those writing positive reviews, customers will be excited about the great care and thought the employees have put in to please them. This will in turn increase customer satisfaction.

2. Make a lasting memory

Being memorable is one of the most important factors of a first impression. Especially in business, employees and staff are talking to multiple people at the events they attend and the meetings they have. By standing out, companies have a higher chance of creating business partnerships and making relationships that will last a lifetime. 

3. Respect the time customers have

Your customers have busy schedules and their own lives to lead just like you and your work colleagues. Respecting the time customers spend communicating with your company and taking time out of their busy schedule is crucial in maintaining good relations. If you don’t waste their time, they won’t waste yours. 

4. Make the customer’s life easier whenever possible 

When working with customers, employees should take the stress of the business transaction onto themselves for the customer to enjoy the experience of working with your company. If the customer feels a burden or negative energy when working with your company, they are less likely to have a positive experience or return to your company for further services. 

5. Keep customers informed 

Throughout the customer experience, keep the customer informed of all of the steps and procedure that will occur but also the mistake or setbacks that have been made. By doing so, respect and trust are established between the company and the customer. This will be beneficial in the long run because making the customer aware of setbacks may help them prepare for or take a different approach. 

6. Create an easy way to get help

By being accessible to customers, employees will take on the additional stress of a business transaction and make the customers life significantly easier. If the company provides different resources that will answer questions and assist any potential problems that the customer may encounter, customer satisfaction will be greatly increased. By going above and beyond, customers are more likely to return to your services. 

7. Make a difference, give back 

By showing sympathy and compassion towards your community, customers feel a personal connection to employees and staff and feel genuine care for them. By having a greater purpose to your company,  potential employees looking to work at your company will choose you to do to the mission you aim to accomplish. Customers are happier and employees feel a higher purpose of working for you. 

8. Consider customers as assets 

Great connections built with customers should be considered a lifetime asset. By building and growing these relationships, the company is creating loyalty. as these customers become more and more loyal to the company, they experience greater rewards and services. 

Final thoughts 

Building strong relationships with customers is crucial to creating loyalty and increase customer satisfaction within your organisation. The greater the relationships you create, the happier your customers will be, which will result in a better brand name. This can potentially lead to higher profits and greater growth. 

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