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How to engage remote employees to provide better customer service

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 4, 2021 3:05:18 PM
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2020 has brought a new expectation for remote work. Due to Covid-19 nearly half of the UK workforce is working remotely. While remote work has always existed it was never required in the way that it is now.

More importantly, employees have had to completely change how they communicated and collaborate while being separated. The main concerns of remote work are distractions, low productivity and lack of consistent communication. Here are tips on how to engage remote employees while still providing the level of customer service consumers expect.

Having a digital line phone system can provide features that helps team members better connect with each other.

Video meetings

While teams can't be physically together during this time there are solutions available so that group work can continue.

Using a phone system, video calls can connect team members wherever they are. Providing a consistent and immediate form of communication. These meetings are PIN-secured and has several 'host' features such as muting members and asking staff to 'raise their hand' when having questions. Making it easy to manage and use, with this team meetings can run as normal and any concerns brought to light.   

Chat messaging

Moving forward a phone system can also allow team members to be managed effectively, this can be done by constant communication via live chat. Live chat helps team members immediately communicate virtually. This can help in discussing urgent matters and ensuring that tasks are being completed in a timely manner. Furthermore, chat messaging can help in other employees take in contact for other matters such as a friendly talk.

Presence management

At a glance know when certain colleagues are available can help in getting the right level of care to a customer calling in. Being able to see when certain colleagues are available can help in getting the right level of care to a customer calling in. Ensuring the caller gets the right level of service at the right call. This can help in assisting and managing urgent queries and make sure relevant teams are alerted when a concern is raised.

Going further, specialist management and training can also better engage remote employees during this difficult time.

Optimize agent training and development

Exception customer service stems from the correct training. It's best to refresh employees and company standards and also level of services. During time, as new employees join your team make sure they have the right tools and information to properly assist the customer. Ensure that all team members are confident and know what expected of them. Words of encouragement can help in retaining customers and better performance overall.

Promote agent wellness

Moving on, employee burnout can stem from this difficult time so it's useful to prioritise agent wellness. Set out productive tips to prioritise self-care while at home and setting schedules that mimic on-site shifts. Make sure employees are taking their scheduled lunch breaks even while at home. Spending time outside or away from the computer can limit mental fatigue especially after a difficult interaction. 

Utilize gamification and employee recognition

Finally, make sure employees are appreciated goes a long way in recognition. This in turn can encourage employee loyalty and improve your customer satisfaction. Reward employees for their work in special emails and bonuses to know that their work goes a long way. Adding a fun aspect of your company culture and increasing workplace engagement across the board.

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