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How to improve your Net Promoter Score rating - Understanding emotions

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 14, 2019 3:57:15 PM
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NPS (Net Promoter Score) is based purely on emotion. In order to keep our rating high, we first need to understand how emotions can affect our score.

To satisfy customers happy and move the needle on our NPS score, here are 4 simple steps we can all follow when engaging with customers:

Step 1 - Acknowledge each customers emotion

Things like frustration, anger, disappointment, confusion and cries for help.

By identifying and acknowledging emotions, you can then empathise. Be sincere and show that you want to help, and solve all their problems.

Step 2 - Acknowledge the problem

The core of the problem may not lie with us. Acknowledging there’s a problem allows our customers to understand that we’re interested in finding and resolving the issue, instead of making excuses.

Step 3 - Provide a solution to the problem (genuine empathy)

Once you’ve done your best to acknowledge and genuinely listen to their concerns, you need to build in their trust. You can do this by providing a solution to their individual problem.

This is a very big part of working towards that positive emotion and ultimately positive NPS. Happy customers mean happy ratings! Customers want to know you care.

Step 4 - Take ownership of the issue

Remind customers that you’ve listened carefully and understood their problem and are taking ownership of the resolution. Always reassure them you will endeavour to personally see to it the problem is resolved quickly.

Important: take ownership and not pass the responsibility on, even if it may need further assistance from a different department.


By following these steps you will see your Net Promoter Score rise but more importantly an increase of happy customers.

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