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How your small business can help save the environment

Posted by Amina Addow on Dec 5, 2018 12:51:31 PM
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Cleaning up the environment has been a huge talking point in the media and amongst the general public. More businesses are actively working to make their spaces more environmentally sustainable. We outline how you can take the first steps in reducing your company’s carbon footprint.


The office is ultimately the space that you and your colleagues spend most of your time so this is a great place to start. A key area to work on is cutting down on office supplies.

For example using Eco-friendly envelopes, re-usable pens and utilising less paper. In fact, 50% of all waste generated from businesses is paper-based. To help work towards a paperless working environment you can instead store important information online and in databases. This will enable them to be accessed a lot quicker. By using Google Docs and our cloud phone systems you can securely make vital information available across departments.


Next, making a conscious decision to handpick suppliers who are Eco-friendly can give your company a boost. Look out for suppliers who don’t contain toxic substances in their products and adopt a recycling policy. Going even further and using local companies rather than online can build new community ties for your business.


Perhaps the most important resource we can save is energy. All this requires is simple measures such as turning off all the lights and monitors at the end of the working day. Taking a step further and switching to renewable green energy service, for example, Octopus is not only good for the environment but also for business.


Getting employees involved can also be a big boost in making your business more Eco-friendly. There are various ways you can get them involved, such as devoting one workday each quarter to help green causes. Additionally, promoting car shares and cycle to work schemes can make a big difference. Try out various methods and see what works best for your team and the business.

Enhancing your reputation

Keeping your business environmentally friendly can also have a positive impact on your consumer base. Consumers are always on the lookout for how they themselves can reduce their carbon footprint and better the planet. By keeping your investors and customers up to date on how your company is promoting a cleaner environment can really build a good rapport.

We hope this post has shown you that taking small steps in making your business more environmentally friendly can bring in big results. In taking time to lower your carbon footprint you can save money and also know that your business is having a positive impact on the planet.

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